In full bloom: 2nd Annual Apple Blossom Festival

Apple Blossom 6

BY Molly Congdon
Gazette Reporter

“All day in the green, sunny orchard,
When May was a marvel of bloom,
I followed the busy bee-lovers
Down paths that were sweet with perfume.”

— Margaret E. Sangster, “Apple Blossoms”

REXFORD — There wasn’t a cloud in the sky to stop the sun from shining brightly upon the freshly opened white blossoms — blushing ever so slightly with touch of light pink surrounding each eye — that populated the tree branches at Riverview Orchards during the second annual Apple Blossom Festival.

The free event May 9 was spearheaded by the Shenendehowa Rotary in conjunction with the Mohawk Towpath Scenic Byway and — of course — Riverview Orchards.

Kites were decorated and set free to fly while bobbing on the end of string, ice cream was devoured, bubbles floated into the air, kids were enlightened about honey bees as well as the history of antique vehicles, families flocked for a day of fun and — most importantly — everyone in attendance was able to witness the true beauty of nature.

Apple Blossom 10

It all took place at Riverview Orchards.

Apple Blossom 8

Apple Blossom 7

Apple Blossom 4

The trees were dressed in white with hints of pink at the Apple Blossom Festival at Riverview Orchards on May 9.

Apple Blossom 14

Apple Blossom 15

Apple Blossom 16

Wow that truck is big! A youngster checks out an old firetruck at the festival.