Window Genie comes to Clifton Park

BY Molly Congdon
Gazette Reporter
CLIFTON PARK — Joe Consolo remembers watching his father, Anthony, successfully run his own construction business.

“What he established, he built his business from the ground up,” Consolo said. “He was definitely a role model for me.”

Now, he is branching out and opening his own business — just like his dad, but instead of starting from scratch, he decided to go through an established franchise, bringing a new company to our area. That corporation is Window Genie, which specializes in cleaning windows and — they boast — a whole lot more.

“It’s a window-cleaning business that does a lot more than just windows,” Consolo said. “We are going to be doing pressure washing, gutter cleaning, window film [tinting], house washing, deck washing, concrete cleaning as well as fence cleaning. I’ve purchased the Saratoga County and the Albany County as a territory. That’s my area.”

Consolo believes that it will benefit the residents of both counties. “The demographics are good,” he said. “I’ve lived in the area for almost four years now and the Albany area for many years. People are looking to save time and get a professional to do windows instead of doing it themselves. I think people are looking for a service; there are other small businesses around but I think the variety that Window Genie does will be good for the community.”

Driving down Clifton Country Road, one might notice the Window Genie truck. However, it won’t be the ombre purple color that catches your eye, it’s the bald genie — wearing golden wrist cuffs and casting lightning bolts from his hands — that makes you do a double take. It will bring back memories of the blue genie that we know and love in Disney’s “Aladdin,” voiced by Robin Williams.

Doing some research
This is something that Consolo had wanted for a while. “I’ve been researching franchises for a couple of years, and I happened to be reading an article in Money magazine in the fall of 2014 titled, ‘13 Things to Do With $100K Now,’ which featured a list of investments and purchases recommended by experts in various fields, including franchising,” he said. “The CEO of Franchise Business Review, Eric Stites, suggested buying a franchise, specifically calling out Window Genie as an example. I really love their services, so that really attracted me.”

He continued: “They also have a proven track record; they’ve been around for almost 20 years.”

The transition was quite straightforward. “When you go through a franchise it’s not as difficult,” Consolo said. “You purchase an available territory, file some paperwork and the rest is day-by-day operations.”

Initially the business will be running directly out of Consolo’s home, but in the next year or two he will be building a separate office space. He has employed three people, two technicians and an administrative assistant. The number of technicians will grow from there.

Consolo was born in Long Island, but moved to Voorheesville when he was 7 years old. After graduating from high school, he obtained a degree in business from Siena College in 1984.
For the past four years, he has lived in Clifton Park.

His two children — Ashley, 27, and Joseph, 25 — both live in Florida. His daughter is a radiology technician and his son works for State Farm.

Prior to opening the Window Genie business, he worked for CVS Health for 30 years in positions such as store manager and district store manager. “It was a good company, they treated me well,” Consolo said. “I just thought it was time to open my own business.
“I think I was just ready both mentally and financially to tackle this dream of being my own boss. I’m under 10 years away from retirement. Now is my time to build something for myself that can do some good in the community.

“I’ve loved business my whole life,” Consolo said. “Even as a kid, when I was 14 years old I mowed lawns in my neighborhood and by the age of 15 or 16 I had 10 to 12 customers. I loved working for myself and working with the public.”

He can’t wait to get started. “Working in a town that I love and being able to build relationships, being my own boss and developing my own team,” Consolo said. “I hope to develop a successful business serving the Albany and Clifton Park area; I plan to have this business 10 to 20 years.”

Window Genie of Clifton Park officially opened June 15. Now if you want clean windows, they are only a wish away. You don’t even have to rub a lamp, just poke a few buttons on a cellphone.