‘Ant-Man’ an adequate summer superhero flick


BY Molly Congdon
Gazette Reporter
Ah, another Marvel movie; I honestly didn’t know whether I should expect greatness or complete garbage when I sat before the big screen to see “Ant-Man.”

The plot is pretty basic: Paul Rudd plays Scott Lang, who after serving time for a Robin Hood-esque anti-corporate crime is having difficulty holding a job as well as winning back the love of his estranged daughter.

The fun begins when Lang breaks into the home of anti-tech originator Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), snatches a suit that shrinks the size of his body, but — as a bonus — magnifies his strength. This makes his the perfect weapon to crawl into and raid the laboratories of the corporate jerk, Dareen Cross (Corey Stoll).

Let’s just mention the elephant in the room. This is by far the oddest superpower, I mean, how is this even remotely cool?

Cool or not, it does create some fun moments in the film, which was demonstrated in scenes such as the horrors of the bath tub and battles within a briefcase. It will make you laugh, but — sadly — I couldn’t help but compare Ant-Man to Ironman. Unfortunately for Ant-Man, Ironman is far superior, a character that captivates the audience; Rudd doesn’t hold a candle to Robert Downey, Jr., at least not on the superhero department.

This movie also conjured up memories of “Honey I Shrunk The Kids.” I constantly found myself drifting from the current plot and remembering scientist father Wayne Szalinski and his insect-sized children battling the otherwise diminutive dangers that come with being so tiny.

However, the special effects were really quite impressive, mostly because we moved back and forth between two different worlds: actual size and pint size. “Ant-Man” is a good summer flick, it won’t knock your socks off, but it won’t disappoint you completely either.