New mixed-use building proposed on Grooms Rd.

BY Molly Congdon
Gazette Reporter
CLIFTON PARK — On Aug. 11, Robert Romano — the owner of Riverview Construction Associates — brought a proposal for a mixed-use building at 675 Grooms Road to the attention of the town Planning Board.

“The application came in mostly as a concept so it doesn’t have a lot of engineering detail at this point, but basically what they are proposing is the parcel zone neighborhood B3 business,” Town Planner John Scavo said. “So what they are requesting to do is allowed by code.”

The footprint would 10,000 square feet but total space would be 20,000 square feet on two floors.

“He’s looking for a mix of neighborhood business retail with the commercial or professional office element to it,” Scavo said. “He stated at the meeting that he has no tenants at this point, but he’s going to through with the conceptual approval to then potentially try to secure some leases going forward.”

It seems initially that the town doesn’t have many concerns with the project moving forward. “He’s probably looking at early next year at approval so maybe construction would take place early next spring, Scavo said. “It provides a good opportunity to tie into an existing multiuse network.”

He continued: “Grooms Road is a busy corridor with an east-west local connection; it gets people in Saratoga County to the Rexford bridge and into Schenectady, so it is high-traffic. But if he focuses on that neighborhood business he can also service neighborhoods while capturing some of those pass-by trips as well.”

It’s an idea that has been percolating for a while. “[Romano] explained to me that it was a parcel that he and his wife drove by many times and thought it would be a great opportunity for small boutique stores,” Scavo said. “So he’s really following an idea that he’s had for a while.”