Facility to combine specialties under one roof

By Molly Congdon
Gazette Reporter
CLIFTON PARK — On the morning of Oct. 14, a groundbreaking was held for a state-of-the-art 60,000-square-foot medical complex that will further change the face of the once-underserved health care sector in Clifton Park.

The brand new Community Care Physicians building, which will be located at 1783 Route 9, will house an assortment of medical services such as primary care, Clifton Park Pediatrics, internal medicine, an OB/GYN office, an urgent care facility, image care, physical therapy, a lab for blood work and even an on-site gym that will be open to the public as well as patients.

The project will cost a total of $15 million.

“This is our fourth large complex,” said Michelle Ryan, director of operations and manager of urgent care at Community Care Physicians. “The first was in Latham and then we went on to Delmar and North Greenbush; it’s become our model. It’s a one-stop-shop for patients, who really like it.”

She continued: “Our mission has been to serve the patients of the Capital Region; we’ve grown substantially over the 15 to 20 years, helping people in the Capital Region to not only to be healthy but stay healthy and have one place to be their medical home.”
If you need to be referred to someone else in different specialty, you simply walk down the hall. Talk about convenient.

“The biggest thing for us, and why it’s been beneficial in the area, is we are multiple primary care sites right from that building,” Ryan said. “So for our patients to come to their own facility and for our providers to have access to their electronic medical record is a huge benefit.”

The urgent care facility will be a big draw — they’ve become an industry trend as an alternative to heading to the emergency room. “It will be similar to the urgent care offices we currently have,” Ryan said. “It will be almost 3,000 square feet, have multiple providers working and we do evenings typically from 5-10 and weekends from 9-6; we treat non-emergency room-type items such as colds, UTIs, minor orthopedic issues stitches.”

For many years, the town of Clifton Park has made significant strides toward expanding redevelopment and providing residents with integral necessities close to home.

“Our initial focus, when starting to redevelop off Exit 9, was the attraction of new retailers. We worked very hard to attract Boscov’s to town and that spurred the beginning of a revitalization of the mall,” Town Supervisor Phil Barrett said. “We also realized that to have a successful economy well into the future, as fuller redevelopment occurs, we needed to broaden the base of our economy; we’ve been successful in attracting almost $100 million in new health care investments just in the last few years and a burgeoning hospitality sector as well. It’s very important to have diversity within an economy, Clifton Park is no different.”

In this way, he said, the town is not dependent on just one sector of the economy.
The medical complex will benefit residents in many ways. “It has many benefits: First, it brings vital services close to home for Clifton Park residents,” Barrett said. “Secondly, it expands the tax base, thirdly, diversifies the economy with good-paying jobs and general health care industry brings a tremendous amount of value to a community in many ways.”

He continued: “It also does other things like helps our emergency services; they have been able to secure strategic partnerships with these new facilities, which has resulted in additional revenues.”