Rybak continues his reign as Clifton Park town justice

Robert Rybak

Gazette Reporter

BY Molly Congdon
CLIFTON PARK— Robert Rybak will serve another term as Clifton Park town justice. He defeated Jonathan Schopf, raking in 67.99 percent of the votes.

“The numbers were overwhelming,” Rybak said. “It’s the biggest percentage I’ve won in eight other elections.”

His initial response to the results was relief. “Obviously the public believed that I was the best candidate; It was a tough race, every race is competitive, but I’m very pleased,” Rybak said. “The public affirmed that I’ve been doing a good job. I thank them for giving me the opportunity to continue to serve and hopefully to those folks who didn’t support me, hopefully over the next four years I’ll be able to convince them to make a different choice next time.”

Schopf, even though he wasn’t thrilled with the results, was not completely disheartened. “We were disappointed, we worked hard, but I’m grateful for the opportunity,” Schopf said. “I knew it was an uphill battle; I’m not a career politician by any means. It was a very educational experience, a personal victory for me to have done it.”

He plans on running for the position again in the future. “I would prepare a little more financially for it,” Schopf said. “The next time I would like to reach out and make more of an impact on the Democratic side.”

Rybak’s game plan for this next term doesn’t consist of any radical changes. “I’m just going to continue to serve the people that have put their trust in me,” Rybak said. “Basically more of the same; we have a very well run court.

When asked what set him apart from his opponent Rybak didn’t hesitate: “My record. Despite what was being said I do represent clients in court, I have the judicial experience, I’m very involved in the community and I think we run a very good court.”