Student Spotlight: Nathan Lazarus

Shenendehowa senior Nathan Lazarus. Photo by Cady Kuzmich.Shenendehowa senior Nathan Lazarus. Photo by Cady Kuzmich.




At 17 years old, Shenendehowa senior Nathan Lazarus has already done what many dream of doing their whole lives — sing on the stage of Carnegie Hall. Twice. And that’s only the beginning. Lazarus holds himself to high standards. To say Nathan keeps busy would be a bold understatement as he juggles an armload of extra-curricular activities.


Lazarus says he has basically lived in Clifton Park his whole life. Throughout his years in the Shenendehowa School District Lazarus has become involved with the Shenendehowa Community Coalition, St. Edward’s Youth Ministry, Shen Pen, CapTeens, and music ensembles such as the Melodies of Christmas Chorale.


Lazarus is also involved with the Clifton Park Youth Court which funnels young offenders through a justice system that aims to rehabilitate rather than punish them. Lazarus says, “I got involved with Youth Court last year, and I made the decision to join because of my interest to have a career in entertainment law. I also love the excitement being involved in real court cases.”


The holiday season is especially busy for Lazarus who bounces from rehearsal to rehearsal. “Right now I am rehearsing for Melodies of Christmas at Proctors, and also for the nativity play at St. Edward’s the Confessor. I’m also practicing for my college auditions which are coming up very fast.”


A few more questions for Nathan Lazarus:

CK: What are you most passionate about and why?
NL: I’m very passionate about music, it’s something that has been a part of me since i was very little and is something that I will continue to improve on as I get older. I’m also very passionate about youth ministry and community service as i love to help others and make people smile.

CK:What are your hopes and dreams for your post-high school life?
NL: My hope after graduating high school is to major in vocal performance and pre law. I’ve thought a lot about college and do have a top choice on where I want to attend which is The Catholic University of America’s Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, i just love the atmosphere of the college and the voice/opera program is fantastic.

CK:Where do you see yourself in ten years? Or if you’d rather…Where do you see yourself in fifty years?NL: In ten years I hopefully will have been done with college and settled into a good paying job. Where do I see myself in fifty years…I don’t want to think that far ahead yet, I’m not done applying to college yet.

CK: What’s your favorite band/musician?
NL: My favorite musician right now is Michael Buble, since it wouldn’t be christmas without his songs. I also just love his voice and his style.

CK:What’s your favorite movie or book? Why?
NL: I actually get asked this question a lot, but my favorite movie and book has to be ‘The Notebook” There is really no reason why I like, it’s just a really good story “goals”.

CK: What are you most proud of?
NL: I think i’m most proud of singing at Carnegie Hall with the National Sacred Honor Choir, it really is an attestment to my dedication for music and is a memory that will remain with me forever. The funny part about this is that singing at Carnegie Hall is usually a once in a lifetime experience well……I sang there again the year after in Shenendehowa’s Mostly Acapella Debut Performance at Carnegie Hall

CK: We all feel the crunch of time. I imagine you’ve experienced that being so involved with various activities. What would you do if you had an extra hour in the day?
NL: I would probably practice more music or probably sleep.

CK: Who or what has had the greatest influence on who you are today?
NL: My family has had the biggest influence on me as they support me in all my music endeavors and are just there for me in general.

CK: Who’s your favorite teacher? What subject does he/she teach? Why have they made such an impact on you?
NL: My favorite teacher has to be Ms. Baird, who has been my chorus teacher for the past 4 years. She has really helped me develop as a musician throughout the years and has been a very important person in my life.

CK: Finally, what do you think of the presidential candidates this election year?
NL: I think the presidential candidates this year are “interesting”, as seniors in high school some of us are 18 and allowed to vote so there has been many political debates in the lunchroom. I personally am not old enough yet to vote so unfortunately I won’t be able to vote in this presidential election.