Cherub cancels Clifton Park show

Jordan Kelley (floating, left) and Jason Huber (right) form the duo Cherub, which is scheduled to perform at the Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park Feb.3.PROVIDED PHOTO. Jordan Kelley (floating, left) and Jason Huber (right) form the duo Cherub, which is scheduled to perform at the Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park Feb.3.


CLIFTON PARK — Clifton Park was slotted to be the first stop for indie-electronic duo, Cherub, on their “SO…YOU DTF?” tour until the Feb. 3 show was cancelled Wednesday afternoon. A statement from Upstate Concert Hall cited scheduling conflicts “beyond the band or venue’s control,” and said refunds will be available.

The party-pop group is reminiscent of early MGMT and Passion Pit, if MGMT and Passion Pit sang about twerking and strippers.

Bandmates Jordan Kelley, of Nebraska, and Jason Huber, of South Carolina, are still mulling over their next album’s title but the big question on their minds is this: what shoes to wear for the album cover?

The duo met at Middle Tennessee State University where they were both studying music production in 2006. From there, the pair’s friendship has been “easy breezy, beautiful, Cover Girl,” according to Kelley.

Kelley began working on what would become Cherub in 2009-2010 and shared the idea with Huber. “I sent it to him and he dug it,” he said. From there, the two released several EPs, music videos, and signed with Columbia Records.

The pair has remained true to their roots, continuing to work with people they met their freshman year at Middle Tennessee State.

Kelley explained how their sound has changed since the group’s beginning, saying “We have always tried to be excited about new things, new sounds and song structures. We haven’t totally done a 180, but we’re constantly trying to add new sounds to the foundation we started with.” He added, “It’s been cool to have the fan base grow and accept the new ideas we try.”

Cherub’s latest project is “definitely the biggest step out we’ve taken since our first or second record,” said Kelley. “We’re still a dancey band,” he said, but noted they have been experimenting with their sound. “We’re stoked,” he said of the upcoming release.

Both Kelley and Huber began their musical careers playing guitar. Kelley started off on electric guitar in third grade while Huber began fiddling with the instrument in high school. Huber and Kelley also shared an interest in creating more technology-based music.

Huber said the “neatest feeling” video they’ve made so far has either been the video for “Heart,” “Doses and Mimosas” or “Monogamy.”

One of Kelley’s favorite music videos is for their song “Strip to this,” which includes lines “She twerking for a meal/ She twerking for a meal tonight/ That’s gonna change your life.” The band enlisted strippers from a nearby mall to be in the video and go tubing down a river while the band dressed up like sailors. “That [expletive] was weird,” he recalled, adding “I enjoyed the weirdness of that.”

The two said their parents often come to their shows. “Jason’s dad still cries after every show,” said Kelley.

Huber and Kelley have a few festivals under their belts and more to come. Discussing the benefits of large versus small music venues, Kelley noted the huge potential to grow their fan base with just one set at a festival. Still, it can be difficult to maintain the audience’s full attention at festivals.

The pair said they enjoy playing all types of venue — large and small. Kelley explained that Huber really loves the festival atmosphere, adding “Jason loves getting sweaty with random people. Jason is one sweaty guy.”

As far as the creative process goes, the duo said its collaborative. Their current drummer, Nick Curtis, has been involved since day one and they added a guitarist/keyboardist for this album, too — a move they said has led to a lot of new ideas. They emphasized, “It’s all equal parts.”

If Huber and Kelley could tour with anyone, they said they would choose Type O Negative and Santera.

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