Pipes clogged with grease cited as cause of May 5 sewage leak


Clifton Park — A sewage pipe clogged with grease has been cited as the cause of a leak involving Stony Creek Reservoir Thursday morning, May 5.
Once the town was notified of the leak in the early morning, Clifton Park Supervisor Phil Barrett said the situation was resolved within 90 minutes.
According to the Supervisor the leaking fluid was caught in the stormwater system. “Between the point of entry to the stormwater system to the [Stony] Creek Reservoir is a series of pipes, ponds and the [Stony] Creek,” said Barrett.
The reservoir is a backup water source for the Town of Colonie. “I don’t believe it has ever been utilized by its owner, the Town of Colonie,” Barrett said.
According to Barrett, the sewer system was once part of former CK Sanitary, a private sewer system that he said was “abandoned to the Town several years ago.”
While he has been in office, Barrett said the town has “created a sewer department to operate the systems and invested millions of dollars in improvements.”
It is still unclear how many gallons of sewage leaked Thursday morning.