Curbside bulk-waste cleanup update


Clifton Park — Clifton Park’s curbside bulk-waste cleanup was slotted to begin April 18th and wrap up by May 6th, however some Clifton Park residents may be wondering why they still have unwanted items sitting in their front yards.


Clifton Park Councilwoman Amy Standaert said Monday, May 16, the final round roadside pick-up will begin soon.


“We have divided the town into three sections to help organize our bulk waste pick-up this year. The third and final area is much larger and had a very heavy amount of waste to be picked up,” she said.


Standaert explained why the amount of trash has increased from previous years, saying, “Due to a decline in the amount of waste at the roadsides two years ago, the Town Board made the decision to provide bulk waste pick-up on an every other year basis. Since we did not have a bulk waste pick-up last year and may not have one next year, residents have been diligent in getting unwanted waste out of their homes.”


Standaert noted the town’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity and added, “Residents with household items in good condition are able to make donations at our Transfer Station at no cost.” The town expected the 2016 waste collection to cost $105,000.
A statement from the town noted County Waste has been the sole bidder for the bulk waste pickup each year, despite dozens of requests to local waste companies.