Shenendehowa girls’ squad wins track title

Alexandra Tudor of Shenendehowa crosses the finish line ahead of Albany's Jahari Coleman to win the 100 meter dash at Guilderland High School Tuesday, May 24, 2016. (PETER R. BARBER/DAILY GAZETTE PHOTOGRAPHER)Alexandra Tudor of Shenendehowa crosses the finish line ahead of Albany's Jahari Coleman to win the 100 meter dash at Guilderland High School Tuesday, May 24, 2016. (PETER R. BARBER/DAILY GAZETTE PHOTOGRAPHER)

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GUILDERLAND CENTER — The Shenendehowa girls were in a deep hole at the start of the Section II Group 1 track and field championship meet after Saratoga Springs went one-two-three in the 2,000-meter steeplechase.

“After that steeple thing, the kids knew what they needed to do,” Shenendehowa coach Rob Cloutier said. “They’ve been able to persevere and find ways. This team is filled with a lot of heart, and that makes it fun.”

Olivia Robbins began a string of Shenendehowa wins in the 100 hurdles. As nightfall set in, she ran a leg on a triumphant 1,600 relay that not only clinched Shenendehowa’s fourth straight sectional title, but a perfect season, too.

“It was really nerve-wracking,” Robbins, a senior, said of the way the May 24 meet began. “We realized as a team we needed to try a little harder.”

On the boys’ side, Saratoga claimed its third consecutive sectional crown.

Shenendehowa claimed the Suburban Council championship and copped the top spot at Saturday’s Eddy Meet as a build up to the sectionals at Guilderland High School. It didn’t start well for the Plainsmen, who were without steeplechase star Danielle Jordan, who missed the meet with an ankle injury.

Alex Delnick won that race for Saratoga in 7:09.03, gaining 10 of her team’s quick 24 points. Shenendehowa had none on the board before Robbins changed that, and her teammates followed along.

“That doesn’t make you feel too good, looking at those 24 points,” Cloutier said.

Shenendehowa ended up with 190.5 points, mixing victories and points with its depth.

“I’ve looked through sectional results,” Cloutier said. “I don’t believe a boys or girls team at any level has scored 190 points. To get that on top of the undefeated season is pretty special.”

Shenendehowa scored 177 sectional points last year and 160 and 131 the two years before.

“Every day after practice we sit together and he [Cloutier] pounds in that legacy,” Shenendehowa sophomore Alexandra Tudor said. “He talks about how if we all do our job, we’ll leave a legacy. We all have legacy written on our arm.”

Tudor came up big for the Plainsmen with victories in the 100 (12.41), 200 (25.30) and long jump (17-4 1⁄2) and a contributing leg on Shenendehowa’s 400 relay team that placed second behind Albany.

“I wanted to try to score as many points as I could to help the team out,” Tudor said. “Saratoga is such a great rival. That’s the way everybody is.”

Tudor found her win over Albany star Jahari Coleman in the 100 the most satisfying. (Tudor also beat out Coleman in the 200.)

“I wanted it really badly,” Tudor, a member of Shenendehowa’s state runner-up basketball team, said. “I’ve never beaten her in the 100. This might have been my last chance because she is a senior.”

Robbins won the 100 hurdles in 15.15 in a superb battle with Saratoga’s Mimi Liebers (15.16) and took second in the 400 hurdles.


Senior Aidan Tooker led the Saratoga boys to their third consecutive team championship with wins in the 800 (1:54.63), 1,600 (4:10.61) and 3,200 (9:33.44). The Syracuse-bound senior held off Noah Carey of Guilderland in the 1,600, and beat another Guilderland ace, Noah Tindale, in the 800.

“In this meet, a lot of us go outside of our comfort zone to benefit the team,” Saratoga senior Robert Haughton said. “People see track as an individual thing. I came out here to compete for the team like the rest of us.”

Haughton placed first in the 400 (49.62), took second in the 100 and 200, and ran third in the 100 hurdles.

“It feels great,” Haughton said. “I love coming out here and running my heart out. I think it sets a good example for the younger guys.”

Saratoga scored 124 points. Runner-up Guilderland had 112, Bethlehem scored 86 and fourth-place Shenendehowa finished with 69.5.

Taking wins for the Shenendehowa boys were Nick Michalowski (110 hurdles) and the 4×800-meter relay team of Matt Vigilante, Alex Matson, Evan Lafleche and Tyler Schmidt.


Team scores

Saratoga Springs 124, Guilderland 112, Bethlehem 86, Shenendehowa 69.5, Schenectady 53.5, Ballston Spa 28, Shaker 28, Albany 23, Troy 15, Colonie 13.5, CBA 10, Niskayuna 9.5, LaSalle 8, Queensbury 6, Columbia 2.

Individual results

100 — Malick Diomande (Beth) 11,29, Robert Haughton (Sar) 11.32, Sakim McNeil (Schen) 11.46. 200 — Syeed Holtzclaw (Alb) 22.60, Haughton (Sar) 22.71, McNeil (Schen) 22.8. 400 — Haughton (Sar) 49.62, Holtzclaw (Alb) 49.99, Diamande (Beth). 800 — Aidan Tooker (Sar) 1:54.63, Noah Tindale (Gui) 1:54.67, Kevin Lafleche (CBA) 1:55.61. 1,600 — Tooker (Sar) 4:10.61, Noah Carey (Gui) 4:12.26, Dawson Homer (Beth) 4:20.91. 3,200 — Tooker (Sar) 9:33.44, Carey (Gui) 9:35.26, Homer (Beth) 9:38.71. 110 hurdles — Nick Michalowski (Shen) 14.96, Justin Burke (LaSalle) 15.10, Haughton (Sar) 15,17. 400 hurdles — Jeremiah House (Colon) 56.18, Michalowski (Shen) 56.27, Alfredo Salazar (Gui) 58,28. 3,000 steeplechase — Ethan North (Sar) 9:58.62, Lucas Culley (Beth) 10:04.83, Liam Scott (Schen) 10:08.94. 400 relay — Schenectady (Troy Dickson, Trebor Davis, Deyker Edwards, McNeil), 43.59, Shenendowa, 43.84, Guilderland 42.92. 1,600 relay — Guilderland (Patrick Ghyll, Sean Murphy, Salazar, Clarence Skipper), 3:22.65, Shenendehowa, 3:24.10, Shaker 3:25.67. 3,200 relay — Shenendehowa (Matt Vigilante, Alex Matson, Lafleche, Tyler Schmidt), 8:05.53, Bethlehem, 8:06.01, Saratoga Springs 8:13.94.

High jump — Jack Fitzgerald (BSpa) 6-4, Zaviir Berry (Gui) 6-4; Skipper (Gui) 6-0. Pole vault — Nate Murphy (Sar) 12-6; Greg Lenegar (Beth) 12-6, Cole Nestler (Shak) 12-6. Long jump — Dickson (Schen) 22-2 1⁄4, Skipper (Gui) 22-3⁄4, Fitzgerald (BSpa) 21-8 3⁄4. Triple jump — Skipper (Gui) 44-5, Dickson (Schen) 42-4 1⁄2, Berry (Gui) 42-3. Shot put — Reid Crobak (Troy) 47-11, Max Tuller (Sar) 47-3 1⁄4, Elijah Washington (BSpa) 47-1 3⁄4. Discus — Camaron Davis (Beth) 144-8, Marquis Chisom (Gui) 143-4, Mete Rice (Gui) 131-3. Pentathlon — Ian Starnes (Sar) 2,850, Patrick Smith (Beth) 2,534, Steven Criscione (Alb) 2,526.


Team scores

Shenendehowa 190,5, Saratoga Springs 171, Bethlehem 54.33, Guilderland 37.33, Albany 35, Queensbury 22, Shaker 21, Colonie 15, Niskayuna 13.5, Columbia 12, Schenectady 9, Ballston Spa 8.33

Individual results

100 — Alexandra Tudor (Shen) 12.41, Jahari Coleman (Alb) 12.52, Mimi Liebers (Sar) 12,71. 200 — Tudor (Shen) 25.30, Coleman (Alb) 25.80, Liebers (Sar) 26.13. 400 — Kelly Hamlin (Shen) 57,83, Sija Los (Sar) 58,61, Rachel Venditti (Shen) 59.21. 800 — Hannah Reale (Shen) 2:12.37, Amelia Mahoney (Sar) 2:14.25, Julia Zachgo (Shen) 2:16.83. 1,500 — Kelsey Chmiel (Sar) 4:30.24, Reale (Shen) 4:32.71, Zachgo (Shen) 4:34.30. 3,000 — Chmiel (Sar) 9:49.05, Kristin Watrobski (Shen) 10:16.86, Paris Fenoff (Sar) 10:19.41. 100 hurdles — Olivia Robbins (Shen) 15.15, Liebers (Sar) 15.16, Julia Nugent (Beth) 15.19. 400 hurdles — Nugent (Beth) 1:03.46, Robbins (Shen) 1:04.49, Emma Hayes (Q) 1:05.57. 2,000 steeplechase — Alex Delnicki (Sar) 7:o9.03, Samantha Vetter (Sar) 7:17.81, Peyton Engborg (Sar) 7:21.47. 400 relay — Albany (Larisa Chestnut, Mercedes Johnson, Coleman, Eileen Bequette), 49.53, Shenendehowa 50.65, Guilderland 50.87. 1,600 relay — Shenendehowa (Emily Crounse, Melissa Haas, Reale, Robbins), 3:57.72. Saratoga Springs 4:00.67, Albany 4:01.09. 3,200 relay — Saratoga Springs (Chmiel, Mari Ellen Penzer, Madeline Tooker, Mahoney), 9:14.59, Colonie 9:19.87, Shenendehowa 9:37.29.

High jump — Estelle Yedynak (Colum) 5-3; Sophie Lane (Beth) 5-2; Emily Lewis (Shen) 5-0. Pole vault — Mary Sunukjian (Shen) 10-0; Brett Deweese (Sar) 9-6; Megan Cook (Q) 9-0. Long jump — Tudor (Shen) 17-4 1⁄2, Liebers (Sar) 17-1 3⁄4, Isabella Bruno (Gui) 17-1. Triple jump — Bruno (Gui) 36-1, Samantha Gifford (Beth) 35-9, Zariah Harris (Schen) 30-3⁄4. Shot put — Jilllian Shippee (Shen) 43-1⁄2, Grayce French (Sar) 40-9 3⁄4, Brianna Jordan (Shen) 35-5. Discus — French (Sar) 134-6, Shippee (Shen) 112-6, Karen Leap (Nisk) 106-4. pentathlon — Jillian Towne (Sar) 2,706, Maddy Arserio (Shen) 2,537, Mikayla Rossier (Shak) 2,393.


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