Barringer sets scoring record

CLIFTON PARK — J.B. Barringer scored a league-record 64 points, leading the Saints to an 81-80 victory over the Huskies in the High School Division of the Clifton Park Boys Recreation Basketball League action Feb. 11.

In other games, Christian Guyette had 21 points and 16 rebounds, lifting the Orangemen to a 62-58 win over the Panthers.

Jack Normandin had a team season-high 47 points to power the Sooners past the Blue Devils 94-75. The Blue Devils were led by Collin Hession with 14 points.

The Hoosiers defeated the Eagles 72-65. Andrew Mika had a team season-high 21 rebounds for the Hoosiers. Steve Maneri grabbed 20 rebounds for the Eagles, while Ryan Albagli had eight steals.

The Tar Heels defeated the Jayhawks 68-39. Mitchell Reisinger had 10 points and nine rebounds to lead the Tar Heels. CJ Latham and Ryan Bernstein each scored seven points for the Jayhawks.

The Great Danes remained undefeated after outlasting the Bruins 101-93. Jacob Case led the Bruins with 37 points and 14 rebounds. Robert Luciano added 19 points, and Chris Cook had seven points and 10 rebounds.

Tommy Barkevich’s 38-point, 17-rebound effort led the Wildcats to an 85-56 win over the Buckeyes. David Van Beusekom added 10 points, seven rebounds and eight assists.

In the Junior High School Division, Austin DaBiere led the way with 22 points and seven rebounds as the Great Danes edged the Eagles 47-45. Tommy Landers 12 points for the Eagles, Chad Burks scored 11 and Tyler Becker added 10.

The Panthers beat the Blue Devils 59-53, handing the Blue Devils their first loss of the season. The Panthers made four clutch free throws down the stretch to seal the victory. Hayden Day led the Panthers with 18 points. Austin Delisle added 17 points, and Nick Sokolowski grabbed 11 rebounds.

The Tar Heels got past the Huskies 36-33 as Josh Weinreb, Joel Hayner and Ben Hyde combined for 28 points for the Tar Heels.

Josh Szwarcberg scored 19 points to carry the Buckeyes to a 66-60 win over the Hoosiers. Linsen Lai grabbed 15 rebounds.

Deshawn Jacobs had 21 points and 21 rebounds and Tyler Clinton collected 14 points and 14 rebounds to help the Saints beat the Wildcats 56-54.

Steven Karathomas scored 15 points for the Wildats, Tim McGarry added 12 points, Angelo Oddo had 11 points, 16 rebounds and five blocks and William Dziarcak collected eight points, 13 rebounds and two blocks.

The Bruins rolled to a 70-27 victory over the Orangemen.