Clifton Park releases summer plans to pave around 12 miles


By Kassie Parisi

Gazette reporter

CLIFTON PARK — The town of Clifton Park has released a primary paving list for the upcoming paving season.

The paving season begins as some large-scale sewer projects are wrapping up, including a $1.3 million pipe replacement project in the Clifton Knolls area.

Each year, the town highway department examines the town roadways to determine which ones warrant paving. This year, the town board approved a $600,000 jump in paving funds, bringing the total budget to just under $1.5 million.

The town plans to pave around 12 miles of road this summer. Roads that will receive the largest amount of new paving include Par Del Rio Drive, Hatlee Road, and the Nott Farm cul-de-sacs.

Below is a list of the entire paving schedule for the summer:

Paving List for Clifton Park, 2017