Boy Scouts honor Curtis Lumber for contributions

Doug Ford of Curtis Lumber addresses the audience at the Good Scout Award ceremony.

KASSIE PARISI/GAZETTE REPORTERDoug Ford of Curtis Lumber addresses the audience at the Good Scout Award ceremony. KASSIE PARISI/GAZETTE REPORTER

By Kassie Parisi

Gazette Reporter

CLIFTON PARK — Local Boy Scouts recently gave thanks to a business that has been a reliable pillar in the community, but also to scouts, for many years.

During the first-ever Southern Saratoga Good Scout Award Reception on Thursday, June 1, scouts in the Mohawk —District which includes Fulton, Hamilton, Montgomery, Schenectady, and Southern Saratoga counties — and their families recognized Curtis Lumber and Doug Ford for providing consistent support to the Boy Scouts.

Speaking at the Hilton Garden Inn in Clifton Park after he was presented with the Good Scout award, Ford, vice president of sales and purchasing at Curtis Lumber, said that Curtis employees have always been very involved in the community.

He said that both the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts were two organizations that the company always had strong connections with, and over the years, the company has helped scouts with many different types of sales and other efforts.

“Curtis has a problem, like I do,” he said. “We have difficulty saying no, and that’s, I think, what makes Curtis special.”

A resident of Wilton, Ford spends his off time volunteering with his wife, Lisa. Ford attended college at SUNY Oneonta with the intention of pursuing a career in education, but ended up taking a part-time job at a lumber company in Oneonta, eventually making his way to Curtis Lumber after almost 20 years.

New York state Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh also made an appearance at the celebration. Walsh said that one of the best parts of her job as an elected official is the fact that she has the opportunity to attend so many scouting ceremonies. Walsh added that she wishes her children had been involved in Boys Scouts as well.

“The kind of citizenship building that it does, it’s making really great, young men to join our community,” she said.

Walsh, who lives in Ballston, said that all of the wood from her house and roofing materials came from Curtis Lumber.

“It’s so gratifying for me, as a neighbor of Curtis, to know that Curtis is also being a good neighbor in the community,” she said. Walsh brought two assembly citations, one for Curtis Lumber and one for Ford.