Real Estate Transactions: November 2016


Here are the real estate sales for Saratoga County from Nov. 11, 2016 to Nov. 17, 2016:

Carole Vansise bought 61 Lancaster Court from Traditional Homebuilders and Developers Inc. for $328,000 on 11/14/16.
Matthew Salisbury and Jennifer Salisbury bought 3 Long Creek Drive from Charles Morris for $562,000 on 11/14/16.
Andrew Sickles and Christin Sickles bought 133 Charlton Road from William Marley and Doris Marley for $224,000 on 11/14/16.
William Strong and Deborah Spoonogle bought 180 Kingsley Road from Kathleen Porcelli for $165,000 on 11/15/16.
Daniel McNally bought 7 Mourningkill Drive from Deborah Piccirilli for $216,000 on 11/17/16.
Glenn Teter and Rachel Pagano bought 2274 Cook Road from Cook Road Holdings LLC for $313,660 on 11/14/16.
Andrew Barnes and Nicole Barnes bought 1406 Cosgrove Drive from Bordeau Builders Inc. for $549,900 on 11/17/16.
Clifton Park
Sri Charan Vemula bought 23 Greenlea Drive from Arthur Hroncich and Claudia Hroncich for $265,500 on 11/14/16.
Jason Spiegel and Claire DelVecchio bought 4 Imperial Court from Frederick Coons and Beverly Coons for $281,000 on 11/14/16.
Alison DeMartino bought 3 Ridge Lane from William DeMartino, Executor for $186,000 on 11/14/16.
Living Resources Co. bought 23 Bonneau Road from Fredrick Proctor and Kimberly Proctor for $340,000 on 11/14/16.
Robert Baldwin bought 62 Esopus Drive from Yan Cheung Tsui and Kit Fong Wong Tsui for $275,000 on 11/14/16.
Courtney Thayer bought 36 Tekakwitha Court from Gail Metzger for $185,000 on 11/15/16.
Mark Klos bought 111 Blue Barns Road from John Beach for $135,000 on 11/16/16.
Joley Tetreault, Trustee bought 8 Wall St., Unit 321,  from Suzanne Lukaszewski for $219,500 on 11/17/16.
Kody Kowalowski and Amber Kowalowski bought 680 Bruno Road from US Bank Trust NA, Trustee for $139,000 on 11/17/16.
Patrick Rubin bought 1734 North Shore Road from Joseph Smith Jr. and Cynthia Smith for $370,000 on 11/16/16.
Robert Johnson and Heather Gregory bought 1096 South Shore Road from George Prevendoski and Faith Walker for $205,000 on 11/15/16.
William Hummel and Tracy Hummel bought 571 North Shore Road from Gary Kellam and Margaret Kellam for $170,000 on 11/16/16.
Ricky Robinson and Sally Robinson bought Parcel on Cold Brook Road from Paul Petrie, Administrator, and Deborah Petrie for $55,000 on 11/17/16.
Crystal Horn bought 653 Coy Road from Federal National Mortgage Association for $162,000 on 11/15/16.
Arthur Hoffman and Lynn Hoffman bought 96 Cemetery Road from Melody McDonough for $275,000 on 11/14/16.
Mark Baptiste and Janice Baptiste bought 33 Somerset Drive from Abele Builders Inc. for $375,524 on 11/14/16.
Gary Ahl and Regina Ahl bought 7 Winchester Place, Unit A,  from The Michaels Group LLC for $309,240 on 11/17/16.
Patrick Garrity and Gabriela Garrity bought 44 Yachtsmans Way from Malta Land Co. LLC for $427,190 on 11/14/16.
David Dorsey and Jennifer Thorne bought 80 Meadow Rue Place from Ryan Lockwood for $244,000 on 11/14/16.
Michael Vallely and Lauren Roman bought 11 Thistle Drive from William McLain and Meghan McLain for $305,800 on 11/15/16.
Paul Russo bought 614 Elizabeth St. from Kerry Madzey for $150,000 on 11/15/16.
Timothy Brockmon bought 46 Deer Run Drive from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $129,200 on 11/14/16.
Mileton Rust and Tarra Rust bought 25 Oakwood Court from Metro Builders Co. for $460,740 on 11/14/16.
Taylor Janis bought 3368 Galway Road from Michael Ostrander and Diane Ostrander for $235,000 on 11/15/16.
Ian Lanning bought 643 Stark Terrace from Christopher Farnum and Joan Gannon-Farnum for $380,900 on 11/15/16.
George Rogers and Theresa Rogers bought 21 Knollwood Hollow from William Delia and Regina Delia for $223,000 on 11/17/16.
Sharon Mallette bought 31 Charles St. from Michael Tasick for $165,000 on 11/14/16.
Reuben Williams and Julie Loomis-Williams bought 9 Leland St. from Margaret McManus for $197,160 on 11/14/16.
Nolan Tucker and Melissa Tucker bought 19 Jackson Ave. from Todd Moses for $174,000 on 11/14/16.
Geoffrey Ruff and Sharon Ruff bought 364 Gansevoort Road from William Rourke Sr. for $58,000 on 11/15/16.
Nicholas Larkin bought 10 Holly Drive from Cerrone Construction LLC for $246,400 on 11/15/16.
Michael Barton and Justine Barton bought 335, 337, 339, 341, and 343 Selfridge Road from Bruce McFarlane and Jane McFarlane for $65,000 on 11/16/16.
Tyler Veglia bought 136 Rimbrave Drive from Stewart Freemire and Crystal Freemire for $245,000 on 11/14/16.
Michael Ballestero and Linda Ballestero bought 421 Wall St. from Federal National Mortgage Association for $153,000 on 11/14/16.
James Heber, Joan Heber, and Jacob Heber bought 1655 Route 32N from Tanya Mattison for $58,000 on 11/16/16.
Michael Schneider and Kristi Schneider bought 124 Fox Road from Mary Starnes and Kelly Starnes for $220,000 on 11/16/16.
Travis Schoonmaker bought 131 Pearl St. from John Arpey and William Arpey, Trustees for $135,660 on 11/14/16.
Thomas Gross and Catherine Gross bought 10 Ashleigh Lane from Saratoga Builders LLC for $374,302 on 11/15/16.
Peter Loyola and Hilary Moynihan bought 58 Brown Road from Saratoga Development LLC for $140,000 on 11/15/16.
Peter Loyola and Hilary Moynihan bought 56 Brown Road from Saratoga Development LLC for $222,500 on 11/15/16.
Saratoga Springs
Matthew Harrison bought 14 Deerleap Place from Nicholas Dispenziere and Rita Dispenziere for $164,500 on 11/14/16.
Marisa Ronzoni bought 6 Hathorn St. from Rock Solid Real Estate LLC for $225,000 on 11/14/16.
William Crager III and Kathryn Crager bought 15 Stratton St. from Stephen Mittler for $750,000 on 11/14/16.
Francis Zarro Jr. and Helaine Zarro bought 61 Sarazen St. from Michael Quartararo for $427,300 on 11/14/16.
John Kent and Susan Kent bought 14 Horizon Drive from John Gill and Norah Gill, Trustees for $515,000 on 11/14/16.
Amanda Baldwin bought 16 Karista Spring Drive from John Allison and Kelly Allison for $175,000 on 11/16/16.
Christopher Clements and Alicia Clements bought 195 Division St. from Glens Falls Area Habitat for Humanity Inc. for $125,000 on 11/16/16.
Emanuel Contompasis bought 129 Grand Ave. from Jessie Albert for $359,000 on 11/17/16.
Matthew Callahan and Lindsay Callahan bought 7 Carpenter Place from Signature Home Buyers for $259,000 on 11/14/16.
Michael Nelsen and Paula Nelsen bought 2 Halyard Court from Scott Bradley, William Bradley, Stephanie Sousie, and Barbara Roberts for $364,000 on 11/14/16.
Michael DeMartino Jr. and Lenore DeMartino bought 36 Dunn Road from Donald Seavey Jr. and Donna Seavey for $279,000 on 11/15/16.
Christina McAuliffe bought 213 County Route 75 from Joan Lupo-Petta, Administratrix for $185,000 on 11/15/16.
Bruce Adelman and Karen Adelman bought 23 Walden Circle from Amedore Homes Inc. for $502,658 on 11/15/16.
Randy Jordan bought 28 Revere Run from Krug Group Co. for $307,000 on 11/15/16.
Salvatore Fusco bought 588 NYS Route 9P from Harold Goldstein for $115,000 on 11/16/16.
David Dabiere and Sharyn Dabiere bought 22 Peach Tree Lane from Richard Benson and Diane Benson for $300,000 on 11/14/16.
Kristin Kuznia bought 76 Worth Road from Milton Burke for $225,000 on 11/14/16.
Michael Wormley and Jennifer Wormley bought 10 Oldham Place from Tra-Tom Development Inc. for $428,084 on 11/14/16.
Heather Mogan bought 28 Fenimore Place from James Mogan and Josephine Mogan for $420,000 on 11/14/16.
Steven Boynton bought 16 New Britain Drive from Clifford Seguin Jr. and Phyllis Seguin for $169,600 on 11/14/16.
Raymond Stephens bought 1 Hanover Road from Michael DeMartino and Lenore DeMartino for $187,500 on 11/15/16.