Wet weather slows, but won’t stop town repaving work

The highway department recently paved areas in Clifton Knolls and Village Green. In this photo, Weston Drive is getting paving work done.

SUBMITTED PHOTOThe highway department recently paved areas in Clifton Knolls and Village Green. In this photo, Weston Drive is getting paving work done. SUBMITTED PHOTO

By Kassie Parisi

Gazette Reporter

CLIFTON PARK — The town is working on catching up on its paving schedule, which has been repeatedly forced to pause due to recent bad weather.

Town Highway Superintendent Dahn Bull said that the paving work in town has been stalled by frequent and heavy rain the past few months.

The ability to pave on a specific day, he explained, is determined by whether or not the day will be dry enough or temperatures will be sufficiently warm. He added that the paving is getting back on track, for the most part, but that there are still many jobs that need to be completed.

“We’re moving ahead,” he said. The paving projects have been contracted out while the town Highway Department personnel focuses on smaller specific road issues.

“It costs a lot less in the long run,” Bull added.

Every few years, the town allocates additional funds to the paving budget to deal with more roads.

This year, due to lower trending material prices, the town targeted more roads for repair than in the past years.

The town recently decided to allocate even more funds to the department for the paving season, and to take further advantage of the low cost of paving materials.

In April, the Town Board voted unanimously to grant the department and additional $600,000 to the paving budget, bringing the total to just under $1.5 million.

At the July 3 meeting Town Board meeting, with the intention of giving more funding to the department, the board repealed the original resolution and replaced it with a bond resolution bond resolution authorizing the reconstruction and resurfacing of various town streets and roads in town at a maximum estimated cost of $1 million.

That means, with the bond, the budget for paving is just over $1.8 million.

Road bases are being fixed right now in Clifton Knolls, Bull said. In May, the town finished a $1.3 million pipe replacement project in the same area.

Bull said that the department is currently focused on making sure that the town roads are stable and strong.

More emphasis is now placed on road base repairs to ensure that the roads last for 20 to 25 years, which is longer than they have in the past. Thus far, Bull said, resident feedback from the work has been positive.

Clifton Park has over 218 miles of town road. Each year, the Highway Department examines the roadways to determine which ones warrant paving. Each year, the town is usually able to pave around 10 to 11 miles of road every year with the given funds.

The town plans to pave around 12 miles of road this summer.

Paving is predicted to be completed by the fall. Bull said that, since the project scope has increased since earlier in the summer, it is likely that everything will be finished in October.