Real Estate Transactions: December 2016


Here are the real estate sales for Saratoga County from Dec. 5, 2016 to Dec. 9, 2016:

Tony Kasowski and Alysse Kasowski bought 13 Katharine Court from Traditional Builders and Developers Inc. for $426,174 on 12/05/16.
Andrew Detor and Mia Detor bought 362 Goode St. from Jeffrey Fendick for $360,000 on 12/05/16.
Carter Flanigan bought 9 Apple St. from Ana Pieruccetti for $149,500 on 12/06/16.
Daniel Shields bought 535 Reita St. from Lois Harper for $165,000 on 12/06/16.
Casey Parker and Turina Parker bought 47 Cypress St. from Heritage Builders Group LLC for $319,990 on 12/07/16.
Julie Moynehan bought 14 Saddlebrook Blvd. from Legacy Custom Homes LLC for $373,000 on 12/07/16.
Michael Eidens and Kristin Eidens bought 1272 Sacandaga Road from Mark Spagnola and Debra Spagnola for $90,000 on 12/06/16.
Erick Clark bought 133 Valentine Road from Wayne Graton, Claudia Germain, Susan Green, and Karen Whittler for $225,000 on 12/06/16.
Staci Grandy bought 955 Charlton Road, Unit B,  from Katz Excavating and Construction LLC for $346,842 on 12/07/16.
Timothy Sicko and Kathleen Sicko bought 4055 Jockey St. from Dorothy Rainey for $345,000 on 12/07/16.
Clifton Park
Eric Hesse and Kimberly Hesse bought 539 Clifton Park Center Road, Unit A,  from Lorri Austin for $525,000 on 12/05/16.
Patrick Ryan, Monica Ryan, Carl Klein, and Sue Klein bought 3 Raven Court from Kenneth Smethurst and Linda Smethurst for $375,000 on 12/05/16.
Keimun Slaughter and Shavonne Slaughter bought 9 Bridlewood Loop from Bridlewood Ridge for $638,845 on 12/05/16.
Whitcher Lee bought 3 Maryland Court from Clifton Hilderley III and Jung-Sook Hilderley for $255,000 on 12/05/16.
Chin Teong Lim bought 2 Essex Circle from Kevin Jerwann and Colleen Jerwann for $457,000 on 12/05/16.
Russell Coonradt and Amanda Coonradt bought 9 Yogi Court from DeGraff-Bloom Custom Builders Inc. for $461,454 on 12/05/16.
John Krok and Alyssa Krok bought 36 Appletree Lane from Patrick Ryan and Monica Ryan for $295,000 on 12/06/16.
Scott Blood and Carol Blood bought 55 Bluff Road from Ellis Blood and Robin Blood for $205,000 on 12/06/16.
David Williams bought 16 Eagle Trace from Reginald Conner and Kathleen Conner for $260,000 on 12/07/16.
Gerilynn Berben bought 39 Brenden Court from Deborah Koppens for $183,500 on 12/08/16.
Wayne Wei Zhao and Yi Sun bought 43 Heritage Pointe Drive from Heritage Builders Group LLC for $475,003 on 12/08/16.
Yi Huo bought 93 Westchester Drive from Pamela DiLorenzo for $185,500 on 12/09/16.
Kha Tran bought 128 Tallow Wood Drive from Elizabeth Kergel for $157,000 on 12/09/16.
Daniel Taormina and Laura Taormina bought 13 Guilder Place from Daniel D’Ambroise and Cynthia Winters-D’Ambroise for $271,000 on 12/09/16.
Laura Swanson bought 360 West Maple St. from Thomas Hickey for $104,000 on 12/05/16.
Corinth Central School District bought 30 Saratoga Ave. from Jeffrey Sandwick for $265,000 on 12/06/16.
Douglas Ernst and Samantha Ernst bought 3454 South Shore Road from Lawrence DeRubbo, Trustee for $985,000 on 12/07/16.
Patrick Brewer and Laura Brewer bought 41 Priscilla Lane from Dean Heer and Diane Heer for $170,000 on 12/06/16.
Robert Cunningham and Theresa Cunningham bought 12 Alexandra Court from Anne Race for $355,000 on 12/05/16.
Jason Spolestra and Armine Spolestra bought 26 Chateau Drive from John Paul Builders LLC for $492,599 on 12/05/16.
Jason Peyser and Tracey Peyser bought 6 Dover Place from William Blais for $245,000 on 12/05/16.
Jon Greenwalt and Amanda Lohnas bought 75 South Outlook Drive from Giovanni Tedesco and Marisa Tedesco for $480,000 on 12/06/16.
Mark Wood and Emily Wood bought 4 Windsor Drive from Joseph Salamack and Mitzie Salamack for $274,900 on 12/06/16.
Joseph Charbonneau and Paul Clink II bought 209 Woodin Road from Charles Thompson and Tina Thompson for $247,200 on 12/06/16.
Steven Lebel and Lori Lebel bought 12 Tarragon Terrace from Frank Zuraf and Elizabeth Zuraf for $420,000 on 12/07/16.
Josiah Vincek and Surya Vincek bought 107 Grenadier Court from Virginia Shippey for $140,000 on 12/08/16.
Geoffrey Kelley and Stacey Kelley bought 6 Roger Lane from Nancy Robochik for $237,000 on 12/09/16.
Jennifer Chudy and Linda Cosey bought 178 Thimbleberry Road from Mary Edgerton for $194,000 on 12/05/16.
Adam White and Margaret White bought 27 Walden Glen from Frank Levy and Susan Levy for $247,500 on 12/05/16.
David Neun bought 4 Raspberry Drive from Sally Secombe for $235,000 on 12/06/16.
Harsh Kothari and Krutika Patel bought 10 Surrey Drive from SIRVA Relocation Properties LLC for $344,000 on 12/06/16.
Patricia Linck bought 13 Snowberry Road from David Fasola and Dena Fasola for $167,500 on 12/07/16.
Peter Lofrumento and Marianne Lofrumento bought 18 Spinnaker Drive from Fred Margulies and Carol Margulies for $95,000 on 12/08/16.
Michael Beyer and Kimberly Beyer bought 58 North Village Circle from Belmonte Properties LLC for $467,282 on 12/08/16.
Jason DeLuca bought 1 Callaghan Blvd. from Blitman Rosen Development LLC for $391,000 on 12/08/16.
Daniel Jennings and Tara Jennings bought 4 Timber Trace from Malta Development Co. Inc. for $848,391 on 12/08/16.
David Eldridge and Johanna Eldridge bought 732 Malta Ave. Extension from Scott Hommel for $458,500 on 12/08/16.
Colleen Peters, Trustee bought 258 Thimbleberry Road from Shelley Wilcox for $170,000 on 12/08/16.
Paul Michaels and Rachel Michaels bought 6 Fenlon Lane from John Luke Development Co. LLC for $398,099 on 12/08/16.
Jeffrey Newhouse bought 316 North Eighth Ave. from Walter Burdick III, Sherry McBride, and Cathy Crispo for $104,000 on 12/09/16.
Joshua Burks and Kellie Summerville bought 420 Stone Church Road from Giovanni Warren and Julie Warren for $267,000 on 12/05/16.
Kenneth Getsch and Susann Getsch bought 501 Leahy Lane from Elizabeth Paraszczak for $138,500 on 12/05/16.
Aaron Petteys Jr. and Lauren Rabbitt bought 1029 Middle Line Road from Federal National Mortgage Association for $139,620 on 12/06/16.
Christopher Greco and Claire Greco bought 37 Wood Thrush Court from James LaPointe for $222,000 on 12/08/16.
Joshua Stevens and Shauna Stevens bought 20 Hudson St. from Eric Keenan for $120,000 on 12/07/16.
James Gregoire and Melinda Gregoire bought 189 Redmond Road from James Darrow for $217,000 on 12/08/16.
Kevin Hanna and Heather Hanna bought 14 Mountain View Drive from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Co. for $97,500 on 12/08/16.
Christopher Hatin bought 3 Birch Drive from CKT Enterprises LLC for $175,500 on 12/08/16.
Dennis Davall and Terrie Davall bought 207 Main St. from Nathaniel Ordway, Jepson Ordway, and Sharon Ordway for $75,000 on 12/09/16.
Sarah McConkey bought 83 Leonard St. from Noreen Potvin and Peggy-Ann Potvin-Seese, Administratrices for $162,000 on 12/05/16.
John LaPoint and Carol LaPoint bought 4766 Route 50 from Mary Braim for $105,000 on 12/07/16.
Brandon Schall bought 18 Cramer Path from Chad Cassells and Kristen Cassells for $222,500 on 12/08/16.
Christopher Smith and Maeghan Smith bought 1876 NYS Route 32 from David Keays, Executor for $64,000 on 12/08/16.
Christopher Munger and Jody Munger bought 36 Catherine St. from Laura Critcher, Executrix for $55,000 on 12/09/16.
Michael Stewart and Eileen Stewart bought 1310 NYS Route 9P from Albert Staley, Trustee for $172,000 on 12/06/16.
Saratoga Springs
Timothy Freiermuth and Adriana Umana bought 12 Callagan Drive from Glenn Germaine, Carol Campbell, and Richard Germaine for $276,000 on 12/05/16.
John Weldon Jr. and Sarah Weldon bought 1 Robinhood Court from Louis Alonzo and Constance Alonzo for $265,000 on 12/05/16.
Marcus Farone and Jamie Farone bought 9 Spa Circle from Carolyn Pennell for $530,000 on 12/05/16.
Norbert Rawert Jr. and Rebecca Johnson bought 36 Maple Dell from David Levesque and Dawn Dawson for $229,000 on 12/05/16.
Martina Zobel bought 287 Jefferson St., Unit 1,  from Van Jackson Jr. for $176,000 on 12/07/16.
John Moran bought 45 Greenfield Ave., Unit 31,  from Albertus Beumer for $595,000 on 12/07/16.
Brody Flachbart bought 32 Casino Drive from Patrick Mansfield and Laura Mansfield for $229,900 on 12/07/16.
Brittani Hanson bought 16 Arapaho Path from Lynn Goodness and Lynda Goodness for $193,100 on 12/07/16.
Shannon Gould and Karyn Shenker-Gould bought 35 Joseph St. from Bonacio Construction Inc. for $613,260 on 12/09/16.
Nicholas Brady and Danielle Stables bought 9 Champlain Road from Jason Miller for $138,000 on 12/05/16.
Charles Hamm bought 18 Independence Row from Gregg Minick and Bonnie Minick for $222,000 on 12/05/16.
Priya Almekar bought 11 Ridge Court from Dwayne Garbrandt and Sandra Garbrandt for $292,000 on 12/06/16.
Eugene Coogan and Sharleen Coogan bought 59 Major Dickinson Ave. from Richard Hathaway and Laurie Hathaway for $250,000 on 12/06/16.
Adam Potter bought 1 Franklin Court from William Fitch and Michelle Fitch for $185,000 on 12/08/16.
Christopher Closson bought 15 Garrett Drive from David Ball, Executor for $126,000 on 12/07/16.
Nicole Byrne bought 350 Gurn Springs Road from Christopher Watt and Angela Watt for $1,021,312 on 12/05/16.
Michael Parrish and Diane Parrish bought 1 Oldham Place from Tra-Tom Development Inc. for $392,417 on 12/08/16.
Peter Robinson and Jessica Robinson bought 26 Bradford Drive from Carl Jahn and Elizabeth Jahn for $420,000 on 12/08/16.