Real Estate Transactions : May 2017

Here are the real estate sales for Saratoga County from May 8, 2017 to May 11, 2017:
Thomas Clark and Linda Clark bought 19 Martin Ave. from Michael Badger for $189,000 on 05/08/17.
Vanessa Vero bought 23 Marlyn Drive from Daniel Zappolo and Kathleen Zappolo for $179,000 on 05/08/17.
Anthony Medici and Jennifer Micillo bought 1 Horseshoe Bend from Legacy Custom Homes LLC for $440,459 on 05/10/17.
Peter Sacco Jr. and Kathleen Sacco bought 118 Midline Road from William Schafer, Trustee for $340,000 on 05/11/17.
Clifton Park
Michael Hazard bought 122 East Side Drive from Jimmie Daniels and Leslie Daniels for $200,000 on 05/08/17.
Howard Nichols Jr. and Brenda Tanner-Nichols bought 168 Tallow Wood Drive from Jeffrey Bethon and Jason Bethon for $200,000 on 05/08/17.
Marie Barker bought 52 Grant Hill Court from Randy Costales and Sheila Carattini for $250,500 on 05/08/17.
Dennis Pallotolo and Margaret Pallotolo bought 2 Brian Drive from James Breitinger and Talitha Breitinger for $407,500 on 05/09/17.
Robert Brandt and Lesley Brandt bought 18 Beresford Road from Allan Bello and Ellen Bello for $441,000 on 05/09/17.
Xiuhe Song and Lixia Lei bought 7 Skybrook Circle from Cartus Financial Co. for $441,000 on 05/10/17.
Adam Corbin and Sarah Corbin bought 6 Glenbrook Drive from Kaytlin Jetter for $170,000 on 05/10/17.
Matthew Parrella bought 18 Par Del Rio from Suzanne Bendick for $288,500 on 05/11/17.
James Sabbag bought 3 Laurel Oak Lane from Federal National Mortgage Association for $252,500 on 05/11/17.
Adam Shami and Jennifer Shami bought 25 South Nottingham Way from Suzann Smart for $303,000 on 05/11/17.
Owen Speulstra and Jennifer Speulstra bought 784 Grooms Road from David Helmer and Janani Ramprasad for $358,000 on 05/11/17.
Seung Hyuck Hong and Jooyeon Lee bought 2 Chillmark Turn from SIRVA Relocation Credit LLC for $482,000 on 05/11/17.
Jason Stern bought 14 Winding Ridge from Nicholas Rauscher and Teresa Rauscher for $313,000 on 05/12/17.
William Mayer and Haley Bruce bought 36 Locust Ridge Drive from Robert Dennis and Shawn Crete for $222,525 on 05/11/17.
David Kowaleski bought Parcel on South Shore Road from David Barker for $75,000 on 05/10/17.
Kevin Barkley Jr. bought 1201 Perth Road from 1844 Land Development LLC for $285,000 on 05/12/17.
Michael Nuzzo and Leslie Nuzzo bought 9 DeVoe Drive from Theodore Caramberis and Vanessa Caramberis for $415,000 on 05/08/17.
Corey Mansfield and Stephanie Mansfield bought 16 Manchester Drive from Raymond Zawistowski and Loraine Zawistowski for $218,000 on 05/08/17.
Brian Huba and Lynda Huba bought 5 Braxton Court from Dennis Pallotolo and Margaret Pallotolo for $296,000 on 05/09/17.
Maureen Noonan bought 236 Monmouth Way from Paul Bennett for $126,000 on 05/09/17.
Andrew Smith bought 10 Pointe West Drive, Unit B,  from Pointe West Townhomes of Halfmoon LLC for $237,004 on 05/10/17.
Ilnam Yang and Moon Joo Yang bought 45 Devonshire Way from Norman Whittemore and Lisa Whittemore for $587,000 on 05/11/17.
Kyle Wheeler  bought 1 Brantwood Drive from Jill Buntich for $290,000 on 05/11/17.
Lee Friedman and Audrey Friedman bought 20 Somerset Drive from Rockhurst LLC for $437,500 on 05/12/17.
Raymund Racaza and Princess Erfe bought 9 Meadow Rue Place from MJS Upstate Properties LLC for $238,000 on 05/08/17.
Christopher Campion bought 424 Brownell Road from Robert Priest for $399,900 on 05/09/17.
Wen Zhu bought 27 Bayberry Drive from John Carril Jr. and Darci Carril for $340,000 on 05/10/17.
Anabel DeHaas bought 153 Arrow Wood Place from Lee Farrell and Sarah Farrell for $180,000 on 05/10/17.
Thomas McDermott and Kathleen McDermott bought 19 Avendale Drive from Federal National Mortgage Association for $357,500 on 05/11/17.
Kevin Burr and Victoria Burr bought 280 East High St. from Mark Delfs and Julie Delfs for $169,000 on 05/11/17.
Alexis Lysyczyn bought 24 Snowberry Road from Michael Lorusso and Kelsey Lorusso for $186,000 on 05/11/17.
Brian Frasier and Kate Frasier bought 405 North Sixth Ave. from 405 Sixth Avenue Mechanicville LLC for $165,000 on 05/08/17.
Blaise Timpanaro bought 128 First Ave. from Jennifer Bachinsky for $136,900 on 05/11/17.
Cory Prothero and Ashley Prothero bought 441 Franklin St. from Christopher Hunter for $261,200 on 05/09/17.
Nadir Raja and Younes Raja bought 11 Oakwood Court from Chad Plemon and Aubrey Plemon for $400,000 on 05/09/17.
Kelly Edgar bought 17 Frederick Lane from Jared Cusma and Eleanor Cusma for $170,000 on 05/10/17.
Stephen Geene and Lydia Blakeslee bought 10 Knollwood Hollow from Edwin Gawinski and Sandra Gawinski for $223,000 on 05/11/17.
Danielle Wiltsie and Russell Wiltsie bought 16 River Rock Drive from John Polson Jr. and Theresa Polson for $282,474 on 05/11/17.
Scott Vanderwerken and April Vanderwerken bought 12 Spruce St. from US Bank NA, Trustee for $125,000 on 05/08/17.
John Carey bought 1 Amy Drive from Rodney Congdon for $234,500 on 05/10/17.
Thomas Franceski bought 66 Fort Edward Road from Joel Franceski for $180,000 on 05/11/17.
Maureen McCue bought 6 North Schuyler Way from Todd Connor for $227,500 on 05/11/17.
Kevin Lackner bought 80 Baker Drive from Federal National Mortgage Association for $168,073 on 05/12/17.
Michael Giannelli and Gwendolyn Giannelli bought 103 Patricia Court from Donald Ferraro and Joyce Ferraro for $332,000 on 05/10/17.
Saratoga Springs
Michael Lazzari and Stephanie Lazzari bought 20 Joshua Road from Lino DelZotto and Son Builders Inc. for $627,485 on 05/10/17.
Paul Peacock and Patricia Peacock bought 7 Vallera Road from Dora Quinn for $450,000 on 05/11/17.
Tammy McMullen bought 104 Walnut St. from Barbara Corsale, Executrix for $125,000 on 05/11/17.
James Woolford Jr. and Meredith Woolford bought 17 Underwood Drive from Dennis DeJonghe and Margaret DeJonghe for $440,000 on 05/11/17.
Michael Shambo and Nancy Shambo bought 81 Tamarack Trail from Cory Melsert and Pathama Pluemchit for $199,675 on 05/11/17.
Vincent LaTerra Jr. bought 379 Caroline St. from Thomas Burritt and Diana Caggiano-Burritt for $283,505 on 05/11/17.
John Zanghi and Amy Zanghi bought 2 Clubhouse Court from Federal National Mortgage Association for $308,500 on 05/09/17.
Dawn Ulrich bought 28 Luther Road from Andrew Smith for $395,000 on 05/10/17.
Dennis Graham and Brenda Graham bought 808 Hudson Ave. from Thomas Ford, Executor for $132,000 on 05/11/17.
Donald Johnson and Suzanne Aiardo bought 4 Lakepointe Way from Mason Street LLC for $370,392 on 05/11/17.
Allan Pickett and Tammy Pickett bought 27 Towpath Lane from Paul Tsui for $369,900 on 05/11/17.
Carol Moore bought 114 Ingersoll Road from Federal National Mortgage Association for $162,500 on 05/08/17.
Kevin Brasser and Julie Brasser bought 36 Tom Sawyer Drive from Ralph Naples Jr. for $275,500 on 05/08/17.
Michael Baringer and Amy Baringer bought 87 Cobble Hill Drive, Unit B,  from McPadden Builders LLC for $336,960 on 05/08/17.
Robert Jaffe and Debbie Jaffe bought 37 Cider Mill Way from Smith Bridge LLC for $494,648 on 05/09/17.
Henry Tan and Donna Tan bought 18 Rolling Green Drive from Goodhue Wilton Properties Inc. for $125,000 on 05/09/17.
Andrew Armstrong and Christina Damo bought 30 Sheffield Road from Michael Meehan and Shari Meehan for $420,000 on 05/10/17.
William Hefner and Eleanor Hefner, Trustees bought 40 Cider Mill Way from Smith Bridge LLC for $541,888 on 05/10/17.
Eric Tatko and Kayla Tatko bought 15 Timbira Drive from William Campola for $279,000 on 05/10/17.
Ian Wright and Meghan Wright bought 1 Palmer Terrace from Jennifer Fedele for $279,427 on 05/11/17.
Eric Pankonin bought 116 Cobble Hill Drive from Randall Parker and Diane Parker for $492,500 on 05/11/17.
Madelyn Stevenson and Zakariae Chbili bought 28 Greylock Drive from Kevin Brasser and Julie Brasser for $355,000 on 05/11/17.
Thomas Marola and Lorraine Marola bought 21 Kendrick Hill Road from Rose-Lasky Joint Venture for $59,900 on 05/12/17.
Melissa Decker bought 16 Seymour Drive from Harry Oettinger and Marianne Oettinger for $345,000 on 05/12/17.
Lawrence Casey and Deborah Casey bought 4 Preston Court from David Wetsel for $362,000 on 05/12/17.
Jaylene Leonbruno and Charlene Rice bought 14 Dakota Drive from Mark VanAmburgh for $232,750 on 05/12/17.