Real Estate Transactions: June 2017


Here are the real estate sales for Saratoga County from June 26, 2017 to June 29, 2017:

Donald Nicoll and Janice Nicoll bought 45 Zani Lane from Paula Ross, Executrix for $250,000 on 06/29/17.
Ira Wiley bought 1 Marvin Drive from Karen Britt, Executrix for $170,000 on 06/26/17.
Clifton Park
Mary Pecunia bought 20 Woodside Drive from Ronald Kingsley for $230,000 on 06/26/17.
Stephen Verdini and Alison Verdini bought 49 Sterling Heights Drive from John Carafelli and Linda Carafelli for $397,000 on 06/26/17.
Robert Priest and Rian Eaves bought 2 Dhara Court from Kain Development LLC for $592,500 on 06/26/17.
Thomas Burke III and Marissa Potenza bought 4 Rockledge Court from Allen Look and Susan Look for $500,000 on 06/27/17.
Wen-Hu Hung bought 3 Gingham Ave. from Tracy Martin for $250,000 on 06/27/17.
Kevin Bischoping and Barbara Bischoping bought 347 Ushers Road from Benito Rotondi and Barbara Rotondi for $515,500 on 06/27/17.
Sean Carter and Wilfredo Ramirez Jr. bought 36 Greensboro Blvd. from Dennis Wilson and Michele Wilson for $321,000 on 06/27/17.
Brian Frederick and Leticia Daconti bought 53 Canterbury Road from Richard Aubin and Judith Aubin for $335,000 on 06/27/17.
Richard Kontra and Christy Johnson bought 23 Legends Way from Brian McMahon and Kimberly Harbour for $610,000 on 06/27/17.
Martin Ortiz and Cassandra Ortiz bought 20 Casablanca Court from Richard Pokorny and Marcia Pokorny for $329,500 on 06/27/17.
Dhirja Arora and Nishma Hazari bought 22 Wishing Well Lane from Tomas McElligott and Ann McElligott for $470,000 on 06/27/17.
Antonio Mendez bought 6 Woodbine Drive, Unit B,  from Susan Carmack for $165,000 on 06/29/17.
Jason Romero bought 16 Secada Drive from Joseph Castaldo and Lisa Castaldo for $290,000 on 06/30/17.
Christopher Kennedy bought 6 Creekview Court from Shane Crooks for $275,000 on 06/27/17.
Danforth Moon Jr. bought 75 Hadley Hill Road from Brian Schefold, Executor for $155,000 on 06/27/17.
June Hauffe bought 83 Northville Road from Geraldine Solmo for $64,900 on 06/30/17.
Dylan Hassis bought 2029 Mechanic St. from Michael Burdo and Valerie Burdo for $340,000 on 06/26/17.
Jason Leszczynski and Sarah Leszczynski bought 5274 Jockey St. from Arthur Benson and Cynthia Benson for $372,900 on 06/27/17.
Christopher Jenkins Jr. bought Parcel on NYS Route 29 from Joachim Yakovleff for $68,000 on 06/29/17.
Katelyn Mulry bought 375 Plank Road from Sean Crotty and Lucy Crotty for $53,000 on 06/26/17.
Ramachandran Sundaram and Bhaskari Dalavai bought 21 Chester Drive from Bryan Basila and Catherine Basila for $435,000 on 06/26/17.
Raheel Thalho and Adil Thalho bought 15 Foxhound Circle from Chinmay Oza and Payal Tandon for $440,000 on 06/26/17.
Kelly McKinney bought 37 Devonshire Way from Laguna Homes Inc. for $450,000 on 06/27/17.
James Dean and Marianne Dean bought 11 Highview Way from Ned Rogers and Susan Rogers for $365,000 on 06/27/17.
Akhila Gavvala and Suresh Babu Gajjela bought 33 Pointe West Drive, Unit A,  from Barbara Chizniak for $266,000 on 06/27/17.
Daemian Bucci bought 9 Pointe West Drive, Unit B,  from Pointe West Townhomes of Halfmoon LLC for $226,676 on 06/28/17.
Mark Farmularo and Debra Farmularo bought 35 Fairway Drive, Unit C,  from Stanley Gigliotti for $273,000 on 06/30/17.
James Denning and Diane Denning bought 60 Wake Robin Road from Rory O’Connor for $158,000 on 06/26/17.
Bryan Lynn and Colleen O’Connor bought 5 Sonja Lane from Robert Meagher and Christine Meagher for $381,000 on 06/27/17.
Phillip Keigley and Carla Keigley bought 12 Little Drive from William Welsek and Patricia Marengo for $460,000 on 06/28/17.
Stanley Antonuk and Monique Antonuk bought 35 Admirals Way from Malta Land Co. LLC for $533,907 on 06/28/17.
Alberto Aviles and Mildred Aviles bought 1 Rose Court from Theresa Laiacona for $406,500 on 06/28/17.
Romel Gobunsuy and Emily Gobunsuy bought 12 Sage Court from Philip Terry for $540,000 on 06/29/17.
Todd Harvey and Lisa Harvey bought 1065 Laural Lane from Nicole Seidel, Administratrix for $131,000 on 06/29/17.
Jennifer Moore bought 507 Acland Blvd. from Christopher Collyer for $322,500 on 06/27/17.
Bruce Clark and Sylvia Clark bought 40 Knollwood Hollow Terrace from Ellen Steadman for $200,000 on 06/30/17.
Daniel Albert and Kristina Dreps bought 26 Tamarac Drive from Michaels Group LLC for $367,440 on 06/26/17.
Perry Colomb and Lorelyn Colomb bought 195 Main St. from Kimberly Wilson and Daniel Wilson for $176,000 on 06/26/17.
John Naja and Baiba Naja bought 405 Reynolds Road from Keith Whible and Donna Whible for $167,000 on 06/27/17.
Christopher Hay bought 5 Robertson Ave. from William Baldwin, Jean Mattison, Sandra Buttino, Patti Philo, and M. Lynn Hay for $106,250 on 06/29/17.
Stewart’s Shops Co. bought 11 Saratoga Ave. from Gary Quinn for $185,000 on 06/29/17.
Corey Prehoda and Natalie Schubel bought 10 Woodland Drive from Kenneth Brown and Lynn Brown for $236,500 on 06/29/17.
Kenneth Brown and Lynn Brown bought 5 Windy Lane from Christopher McDaniel for $223,000 on 06/30/17.
Rachel Johnson bought 832 King Road from Augustus Williams for $175,000 on 06/27/17.
Jonathan Kochendorfer bought 21 Saint John’s Drive from George Belokopitsky for $208,000 on 06/28/17.
Matthew Campbell bought 2 Elizabeth Lane from Terry Duval for $195,000 on 06/26/17.
Michael Breslin and Angela Breslin bought 8 Brown Road from Donna Sheehey for $249,000 on 06/29/17.
Saratoga Springs
Christopher Schumacher bought 26 Winners Circle from Angela Garner for $205,000 on 06/26/17.
Gary Critelli and Laurie Critelli bought 8 Taylor St. from Kim Franzoni and Cathy Franzoni for $500,000 on 06/26/17.
Adam Belcher and Samantha Belcher bought 4 Lincoln Court from Entrepreneurs Network LLC for $220,000 on 06/26/17.
Jun Sheng bought 10 Lexington Road from Kenneth Mason and Cynthia Mason for $312,500 on 06/27/17.
Alexander Kutikov bought 14 Thomas St. from Christopher Hens and Margot Hens for $230,000 on 06/27/17.
Daniel McKenna bought 3 Fern Drive from Gregory Barton for $195,000 on 06/27/17.
Alan Draper and Patricia Ellis bought 74 Adams Road from George Gaborow and Doreen Gaborow for $372,000 on 06/28/17.
Steven Cohen and Mary Cohen bought 14 Ellis Ave., Unit D3,  from James DeVoe, Kathleen Edwards, and Richard DeVoe for $309,000 on 06/29/17.
Denise Donlon  bought 47 Catherine St. from Timothy James for $120,000 on 06/29/17.
Shane Newell and Diane Gurdo-Newell bought 97 East Ave., Unit 205,  from Excelsior East LLC for $310,859 on 06/30/17.
Matthew Dooley and Tracey Dooley bought 28 Benedict St. from DGD Holdings LLC for $150,000 on 06/30/17.
Kyle Wright bought 16 Flike Road from Robyn Curran and Shawn Curran for $296,450 on 06/27/17.
Barbara Paradis bought 620 NYS Route 9P from Delene Johnson for $255,000 on 06/27/17.
Gerard Hoogkamp and Mary Hoogkamp bought 165 Meehan Road from Allen Batchelder Jr. for $66,000 on 06/30/17.
Sean Smith and Michelle Chase bought 24 Birch Glen Drive from Michael Hutchens Jr. and Sarita Hutchens for $269,900 on 06/27/17.
Kwun Chan and Rong Fu bought 19 Riverboat Lane from Rahul Agarwal and Shruti Agarwal for $316,000 on 06/27/17.
Paul Rozycki bought 39 Devitt Road from Susan Cicchinelli for $245,000 on 06/30/17.
David Saint Peter and Kristine Saint Peter bought 18 Heather Drive from Kelly Reinhart and Kristin Reinhart for $460,000 on 06/26/17.
Julie Douglas bought 9 Huntington Court from The Adirondack Trust Co., Trustee for $525,000 on 06/26/17.
Jianjun Stronach bought 10 Killarney Court from Isabelle Williams, Trustee for $299,000 on 06/26/17.
Kasimier Jarosz and Cathlene Lindberg bought 2 Saw Mill Court from Smith Bridge LLC for $600,000 on 06/26/17.
David LaCroix and Annalise Marotta bought 18 Worth Road from Gregory Gosier for $249,000 on 06/26/17.
Richard Wolfe and Christine Wolfe bought 25 Cobble Hill Drive from Scott Wertans for $550,000 on 06/27/17.
Martin Gould and Elizabeth Gould bought 7 Maya Drive from Kathleen Lindberg, Trustee for $307,000 on 06/28/17.
Kristyn Allen bought 714 Wilton Gansevoort Road from Dawn Kenny for $185,000 on 06/29/17.
Benjamin Harkins and Lynn Harkins bought 1 White Birch Lane from Richard Hartman and Donna Hartman for $255,000 on 06/29/17.
Daniel Peterson Campbell Peterson bought 42 Cider Mill Way from Smith Bridge LLC for $593,154 on 06/29/17.
George Francolino and Anne Francolino bought 46 Cider Mill Way from Smith Bridge LLC for $625,283 on 06/29/17.
Patrick Kyne bought 134 Cobble Hill Drive from Jennifer Ross for $620,000 on 06/30/17.
Gregory Duval and Anna Duval bought 1 Kings Mills Road from Laura Corbisiero for $245,000 on 06/30/17.