Real Estate Transactions: June 2017


Here are the real estate sales for Saratoga County from June 26, 2017, to June 30, 2017.

Donald Nicoll and Janice Nicoll bought 45 Zani Lane from Paula Ross, Executrix for $250,000 on 06/29/17.
Ira Wiley bought 1 Marvin Drive from Karen Britt, Executrix for $170,000 on 06/26/17.
Clifton Park
Mary Pecunia bought 20 Woodside Drive from Ronald Kingsley for $230,000 on 06/26/17.
Stephen Verdini and Alison Verdini bought 49 Sterling Heights Drive from John Carafelli and Linda Carafelli for $397,000 on 06/26/17.
Robert Priest and Rian Eaves bought 2 Dhara Court from Kain Development LLC for $592,500 on 06/26/17.
Thomas Burke III and Marissa Potenza bought 4 Rockledge Court from Allen Look and Susan Look for $500,000 on 06/27/17.
Wen-Hu Hung bought 3 Gingham Ave. from Tracy Martin for $250,000 on 06/27/17.
Kevin Bischoping and Barbara Bischoping bought 347 Ushers Road from Benito Rotondi and Barbara Rotondi for $515,500 on 06/27/17.
Sean Carter and Wilfredo Ramirez Jr. bought 36 Greensboro Blvd. from Dennis Wilson and Michele Wilson for $321,000 on 06/27/17.
Brian Frederick and Leticia Daconti bought 53 Canterbury Road from Richard Aubin and Judith Aubin for $335,000 on 06/27/17.
Richard Kontra and Christy Johnson bought 23 Legends Way from Brian McMahon and Kimberly Harbour for $610,000 on 06/27/17.
Martin Ortiz and Cassandra Ortiz bought 20 Casablanca Court from Richard Pokorny and Marcia Pokorny for $329,500 on 06/27/17.
Dhirja Arora and Nishma Hazari bought 22 Wishing Well Lane from Tomas McElligott and Ann McElligott for $470,000 on 06/27/17.
Antonio Mendez bought 6 Woodbine Drive, Unit B,  from Susan Carmack for $165,000 on 06/29/17.
Jason Romero bought 16 Secada Drive from Joseph Castaldo and Lisa Castaldo for $290,000 on 06/30/17.
Christopher Kennedy bought 6 Creekview Court from Shane Crooks for $275,000 on 06/27/17.
Danforth Moon Jr. bought 75 Hadley Hill Road from Brian Schefold, Executor for $155,000 on 06/27/17.
June Hauffe bought 83 Northville Road from Geraldine Solmo for $64,900 on 06/30/17.
Dylan Hassis bought 2029 Mechanic St. from Michael Burdo and Valerie Burdo for $340,000 on 06/26/17.
Jason Leszczynski and Sarah Leszczynski bought 5274 Jockey St. from Arthur Benson and Cynthia Benson for $372,900 on 06/27/17.
Christopher Jenkins Jr. bought Parcel on NYS Route 29 from Joachim Yakovleff for $68,000 on 06/29/17.
Katelyn Mulry bought 375 Plank Road from Sean Crotty and Lucy Crotty for $53,000 on 06/26/17.
Ramachandran Sundaram and Bhaskari Dalavai bought 21 Chester Drive from Bryan Basila and Catherine Basila for $435,000 on 06/26/17.
Raheel Thalho and Adil Thalho bought 15 Foxhound Circle from Chinmay Oza and Payal Tandon for $440,000 on 06/26/17.
Kelly McKinney bought 37 Devonshire Way from Laguna Homes Inc. for $450,000 on 06/27/17.
James Dean and Marianne Dean bought 11 Highview Way from Ned Rogers and Susan Rogers for $365,000 on 06/27/17.
Akhila Gavvala and Suresh Babu Gajjela bought 33 Pointe West Drive, Unit A,  from Barbara Chizniak for $266,000 on 06/27/17.
Daemian Bucci bought 9 Pointe West Drive, Unit B,  from Pointe West Townhomes of Halfmoon LLC for $226,676 on 06/28/17.
Mark Farmularo and Debra Farmularo bought 35 Fairway Drive, Unit C,  from Stanley Gigliotti for $273,000 on 06/30/17.
James Denning and Diane Denning bought 60 Wake Robin Road from Rory O’Connor for $158,000 on 06/26/17.
Bryan Lynn and Colleen O’Connor bought 5 Sonja Lane from Robert Meagher and Christine Meagher for $381,000 on 06/27/17.
Phillip Keigley and Carla Keigley bought 12 Little Drive from William Welsek and Patricia Marengo for $460,000 on 06/28/17.
Stanley Antonuk and Monique Antonuk bought 35 Admirals Way from Malta Land Co. LLC for $533,907 on 06/28/17.
Alberto Aviles and Mildred Aviles bought 1 Rose Court from Theresa Laiacona for $406,500 on 06/28/17.
Romel Gobunsuy and Emily Gobunsuy bought 12 Sage Court from Philip Terry for $540,000 on 06/29/17.
Todd Harvey and Lisa Harvey bought 1065 Laural Lane from Nicole Seidel, Administratrix for $131,000 on 06/29/17.
Jennifer Moore bought 507 Acland Blvd. from Christopher Collyer for $322,500 on 06/27/17.
Bruce Clark and Sylvia Clark bought 40 Knollwood Hollow Terrace from Ellen Steadman for $200,000 on 06/30/17.
Daniel Albert and Kristina Dreps bought 26 Tamarac Drive from Michaels Group LLC for $367,440 on 06/26/17.
Perry Colomb and Lorelyn Colomb bought 195 Main St. from Kimberly Wilson and Daniel Wilson for $176,000 on 06/26/17.
John Naja and Baiba Naja bought 405 Reynolds Road from Keith Whible and Donna Whible for $167,000 on 06/27/17.
Christopher Hay bought 5 Robertson Ave. from William Baldwin, Jean Mattison, Sandra Buttino, Patti Philo, and M. Lynn Hay for $106,250 on 06/29/17.
Stewart’s Shops Co. bought 11 Saratoga Ave. from Gary Quinn for $185,000 on 06/29/17.
Corey Prehoda and Natalie Schubel bought 10 Woodland Drive from Kenneth Brown and Lynn Brown for $236,500 on 06/29/17.
Kenneth Brown and Lynn Brown bought 5 Windy Lane from Christopher McDaniel for $223,000 on 06/30/17.
Rachel Johnson bought 832 King Road from Augustus Williams for $175,000 on 06/27/17.
Jonathan Kochendorfer bought 21 Saint John’s Drive from George Belokopitsky for $208,000 on 06/28/17.
Matthew Campbell bought 2 Elizabeth Lane from Terry Duval for $195,000 on 06/26/17.
Michael Breslin and Angela Breslin bought 8 Brown Road from Donna Sheehey for $249,000 on 06/29/17.
Saratoga Springs
Christopher Schumacher bought 26 Winners Circle from Angela Garner for $205,000 on 06/26/17.
Gary Critelli and Laurie Critelli bought 8 Taylor St. from Kim Franzoni and Cathy Franzoni for $500,000 on 06/26/17.
Adam Belcher and Samantha Belcher bought 4 Lincoln Court from Entrepreneurs Network LLC for $220,000 on 06/26/17.
Jun Sheng bought 10 Lexington Road from Kenneth Mason and Cynthia Mason for $312,500 on 06/27/17.
Alexander Kutikov bought 14 Thomas St. from Christopher Hens and Margot Hens for $230,000 on 06/27/17.
Daniel McKenna bought 3 Fern Drive from Gregory Barton for $195,000 on 06/27/17.
Alan Draper and Patricia Ellis bought 74 Adams Road from George Gaborow and Doreen Gaborow for $372,000 on 06/28/17.
Steven Cohen and Mary Cohen bought 14 Ellis Ave., Unit D3,  from James DeVoe, Kathleen Edwards, and Richard DeVoe for $309,000 on 06/29/17.
Denise Donlon  bought 47 Catherine St. from Timothy James for $120,000 on 06/29/17.
Shane Newell and Diane Gurdo-Newell bought 97 East Ave., Unit 205,  from Excelsior East LLC for $310,859 on 06/30/17.
Matthew Dooley and Tracey Dooley bought 28 Benedict St. from DGD Holdings LLC for $150,000 on 06/30/17.
Kyle Wright bought 16 Flike Road from Robyn Curran and Shawn Curran for $296,450 on 06/27/17.
Barbara Paradis bought 620 NYS Route 9P from Delene Johnson for $255,000 on 06/27/17.
Gerard Hoogkamp and Mary Hoogkamp bought 165 Meehan Road from Allen Batchelder Jr. for $66,000 on 06/30/17.
Sean Smith and Michelle Chase bought 24 Birch Glen Drive from Michael Hutchens Jr. and Sarita Hutchens for $269,900 on 06/27/17.
Kwun Chan and Rong Fu bought 19 Riverboat Lane from Rahul Agarwal and Shruti Agarwal for $316,000 on 06/27/17.
Paul Rozycki bought 39 Devitt Road from Susan Cicchinelli for $245,000 on 06/30/17.
David Saint Peter and Kristine Saint Peter bought 18 Heather Drive from Kelly Reinhart and Kristin Reinhart for $460,000 on 06/26/17.
Julie Douglas bought 9 Huntington Court from The Adirondack Trust Co., Trustee for $525,000 on 06/26/17.
Jianjun Stronach bought 10 Killarney Court from Isabelle Williams, Trustee for $299,000 on 06/26/17.
Kasimier Jarosz and Cathlene Lindberg bought 2 Saw Mill Court from Smith Bridge LLC for $600,000 on 06/26/17.
David LaCroix and Annalise Marotta bought 18 Worth Road from Gregory Gosier for $249,000 on 06/26/17.
Richard Wolfe and Christine Wolfe bought 25 Cobble Hill Drive from Scott Wertans for $550,000 on 06/27/17.
Martin Gould and Elizabeth Gould bought 7 Maya Drive from Kathleen Lindberg, Trustee for $307,000 on 06/28/17.
Kristyn Allen bought 714 Wilton Gansevoort Road from Dawn Kenny for $185,000 on 06/29/17.
Benjamin Harkins and Lynn Harkins bought 1 White Birch Lane from Richard Hartman and Donna Hartman for $255,000 on 06/29/17.
Daniel Peterson Campbell Peterson bought 42 Cider Mill Way from Smith Bridge LLC for $593,154 on 06/29/17.
George Francolino and Anne Francolino bought 46 Cider Mill Way from Smith Bridge LLC for $625,283 on 06/29/17.
Patrick Kyne bought 134 Cobble Hill Drive from Jennifer Ross for $620,000 on 06/30/17.
Gregory Duval and Anna Duval bought 1 Kings Mills Road from Laura Corbisiero for $245,000 on 06/30/17.