Creatacor launches new user-friendly website for displays

One of Creatacor's rental exhibits, as displayed on the company's new website.

Photo from creatacor.comOne of Creatacor's rental exhibits, as displayed on the company's new website. Photo from

By Kassie Parisi

Gazette Reporter

HALFMOON — Creatacor Inc., the tradeshow display and graphic design company based in Halfmoon, is stepping into the future with a new website that will allow clients to view customizable rental exhibits that best fit their unique needs.

The company recently launched the new website with the intention of making it easier to directly share their design options and ideas with clients.

“We want to take the message to the people,” Creatacor Chief Operating Officer Will Farmer said. “We’re a visual company.”

The website was designed in a short amount of time by a Creatacor employee, Farmer said.

The website offers customizable options for clients, including a mobile retail tube on which clients can put any graphic they want, a double-decker trade exhibit, and rental frames.

Creatacor has offered the frames for awhile, Farmer said, but the double-decker display is relatively new.

Purchasing a trade show exhibit, or display exhibit, Farmer said, can be costly, which is why many companies seek out rental displays. He added that Creatacor has been ahead of the curb with providing rental exhibits since the company’s start in 1987.

Now, along with seeking rental exhibits, clients also want exhibits that can be customized to suit their specific brands and products.

The new website, he said, offers clients a first look at some of the customizable options available prior to making a decision.

Farmer said the website has already helped, and they have sent it to clients to help them with jump starting their ideas for their exhibits.

“It’s definitely helped,” he said. “It’s a way to show them exactly what they can do.”