Shen names two resource officers for the coming year

Students catch buses in front of Shenendehowa East High School September 7, 2016.

PHOTOGRAPHER: MARC SCHULTZStudents catch buses in front of Shenendehowa East High School September 7, 2016. PHOTOGRAPHER: MARC SCHULTZ

By Kassie Parisi

Gazette Reporter

The Shenendehowa Central School District has named the two deputies from the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office who will be permanently stationed in the school district‘s buildings for the coming school year.

Michael Grigas and Eric Muller, each with at least a decade of experience in the sheriff’s office, will be assigned to Shen full time for the 2018-19 school year.

Grigas and Muller will serve all of Shen’s schools but will be primarily located in the high school and the district’s three middle schools on school days, according to the school district. They will also work at some after-school and extracurricular events.

Grigas, according to Shen, has been with the sheriff’s office since 2000. Before that, he worked as an accountant and accounting clerk.

Muller, according to district officials, has been with the sheriff’s office since 2005. He previously worked as a federal air marshal, a correction officer and served in the National Guard.

The officers will remain employees of the sheriff’s office, and Shen will pay $144,826 for the year for the officers’ services.

According to Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo, district officials met with three candidates in an interview process to determine which would be the best fit for the school district. Muller and Grigas were selected based on their past work experience.

Zurlo said he expects the officers to start in their new assignments by the end of August. He confirmed the district and his department will continue to iron out the process of working with the SRO program.

“It’s a mutual agreement between the school and us,” he said. “It’s going to be a work in progress.”

Shenendehowa Schools Superintendent L. Oliver Robinson has repeatedly noted the resource officers will not function in a disciplinary capacity but will serve as resources to students. The resource officers will also conduct anti-drug and anti-bullying programs throughout the year.

“We’re pretty excited about the two SRO’s starting, and as they come aboard, we know it’s going to be an evolution process for them, and for us,” Robinson said at a recent board of education meeting.