‘Animal’: Delhi HC summons T-Series, Netflix India on plea to restrain OTT release


✍️1. What is the lawsuit about?✍️
The lawsuit is filed by Cine1 Studios Private Limited, a co-producer of the movie ‘Animal,’ seeking to halt the film’s release on OTT platforms. They are also contesting T-Series’ announcement of a sequel called ‘Animal Park,’ claiming rights to the new project and demanding consultation.

✍️2. What are the claims made by Cine1 Studios in the lawsuit?✍️
Cine1 Studios claims that T-Series did not fulfill the profit-sharing agreement and failed to provide financial compensation despite the film’s box office success. They also argue that T-Series released the film and incurred expenses without their approval or consent.

✍️3. What evidence did T-Series present during the hearing?✍️
T-Series presented evidence suggesting that Cine1 had accepted a payment of ₹2.2 crore in exchange for relinquishing their rights to the film, which Cine1 allegedly didn’t disclose. This raised doubts about the validity of Cine1’s claims and their eligibility for legal remedies.

✍️4. What is the next step in the legal process?✍️
The court has allowed the plaintiff to submit a response within 15 days of receiving the defendants’ written statements. The case will be presented before the Joint Registrar on March 15, 2024, to finalize the legal arguments and exhibit marking before returning to the court for the formulation of legal questions to be addressed in the case.

The legal battle between Cine1 Studios and T-Series over the release of the movie ‘Animal’ on OTT platforms has garnered attention. As the case progresses, the claims and counterclaims of both parties will be scrutinized. The outcome of this lawsuit will have implications not only for the future of ‘Animal’ but also for the broader landscape of film distribution and production in the OTT space.

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