Viral Video Shows Hyundai i30 Car Destroyed by Baboons, watch video

Source: Any Auto TV (Youtube)

In a viral spectacle that left car enthusiasts and animal lovers equally astonished, a peculiar endurance test captured the attention of the world. Hyundai, known for its innovative approaches, recently staged an unconventional trial in the United Kingdom by allowing a group of curious baboons to inspect their New Generation i30 hatchback in a safari park. What ensued was a surprising display of the primates’ antics and the car’s durability.

The video, which quickly circulated on social media, showcased the antics of the mischievous baboons as they inspected, prodded, and ultimately dismantled the vehicle. Within a short span, the car became an interactive playground for the creatures, resulting in an unexpected outcome: the Hyundai i30 was completely destroyed.

Source: Any Auto TV (Youtube)

The car, which had been placed within the baboons’ reach for what Hyundai termed as an “endurance test,” faced an unforeseen challenge as the primates explored it with their inquisitive and agile nature. From dismantling windshield wipers to ripping off panels and prying open the doors, the baboons exhibited an impressive display of strength and curiosity. Many viewers were left in disbelief as they witnessed the sheer power of these animals and the apparent vulnerability of the vehicle. Questions arose about Hyundai’s motives behind subjecting their car to such an extreme trial and whether it was a testament to the vehicle’s durability or simply a marketing stunt.

However, amidst the shock and disbelief, Hyundai defended this unusual endurance test as a means to demonstrate the robustness and durability of their vehicles in unexpected situations. The company highlighted that this unorthodox experiment was aimed at showcasing the car’s ability to withstand even the most unpredictable circumstances.

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