BTS‘ RM wishes ARMYs on Lunar New Year, shares military update

✍️RM Wishes BTS ARMYs on Lunar New Year and Shares Military Update✍️

BTS’ leader, RM, recently took to the fan community Weverse to extend his wishes to the ARMY (BTS fans) on the occasion of Lunar New Year. The rapper, who is currently serving his mandatory military service, expressed his heartfelt sentiments in a note to the fans. In his message, RM mentioned that it will be another year of ‘learning and experiences’, and that it will take him until the next Korean Lunar New Year to return and meet the fans.

RM wrote, “Hello, Army, Are you doing well? I have also come to my base and have been adjusting well. I ate rice cake soup, have been resting a little since it is seol (lunar new year), and am doing well. Another semester will have to pass before I am able to see you all, but I will do well with my time.”

He also added, “I believe that it will be another place of learning and experiences. Whenever and wherever, always be healthy. And I hope that you will experience a lot more good things than bad things. Hoping that our connection will continue to go on, I hope you receive a lot of new year blessings.”

RM’s recent activities include enlisting for his service in December last year and graduating from military training in January, joining the ranks of elite Korean military graduates. All seven members of BTS are expected to reunite in 2025.


1. ✍️What is BTS?✍️
BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a seven-member South Korean boy band that has gained global recognition for their music, performances, and philanthropy.

2. ✍️What is RM’s military service?✍️
In South Korea, all male citizens are required to serve in the military. RM is currently fulfilling this mandatory military service.

3. ✍️When will RM and the other BTS members reunite?✍️
All seven members of BTS are expected to reunite in 2025.


RM’s heartfelt note to the BTS ARMY on the occasion of Lunar New Year provides a glimpse into his current experiences and his dedication to his military service. Fans can anticipate the eventual reunion of all BTS members in 2025, as they continue to show their support for RM and the rest of the group during their individual pursuits.

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