Daily flight between Shimla and Dharamshala, fare fixed at Rs 5138

Tourists visiting Himachal Pradesh can now enjoy regular flights from Shimla to Dharamshala, thanks to Alliance India. The airline will operate flights throughout the week, with a fixed fare of Rs 5,138. In the first week of operations, flights were available only on three days.
Due to the increasing demand for tourism in Kangra, the tourism department has decided to expand the air service to seven days a week. This move is expected to boost tourism in the region and provide a convenient mode of transportation for travelers.
While the decision to start air service to Kangra is a positive step, there is still some confusion regarding the continuation of air service from Shimla to Kullu. Nonetheless, the new air service to Kangra is expected to benefit both tourists and locals by providing a faster and more efficient mode of transportation.