Demand to reschedule the warm-up match to be held on September 29

The Hyderabad Association has recently raised concerns and requested a rescheduling of the Pakistan-New Zealand warm-up match in the upcoming World Cup. The association has cited security issues related to the festival as the primary reason for their request. Specifically, on September 28th, there will be the Ganesh Visarjan festival and Eid, both of which require a significant number of security forces.
The association has expressed their concerns about the availability of adequate security personnel for the match due to the demands of these festivals. They have also mentioned that they are currently unaware of any revised schedule for the match.
This situation highlights the challenges faced by event organizers in ensuring the smooth execution of major sporting events, particularly in countries where festivals and cultural events coincide with the tournament schedule. Balancing the needs of both the sporting event and the local festivities can be a complex task, requiring careful coordination and consideration of various factors, including security arrangements.