Did Sania Mirza divorce Shoaib Malik before his wedding? Mirza’s father breaks silence, details inside

✍️Sania Mirza’s Father Confirms Divorce with Shoaib Malik and His Recent Marriage✍️

Sania Mirza’s cryptic social media post earlier this week sent shockwaves through the internet, leading to speculation about the state of her relationship with Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik. The situation escalated when Shoaib made a public announcement about his marriage to Pakistani actor Sana Javed. As the news unfolded, many questioned whether Sania and Shoaib were already divorced, prompting a clarification from Sania’s father, Imran Mirza.

Imran Mirza disclosed that the dissolution of their marriage was initiated by Sania via ‘khula,’ a right granted to Muslim women to unilaterally divorce their husbands. Additionally, it was revealed that Shoaib Malik and Sana Javed officially tied the knot in Karachi. This marks Shoaib’s third marriage, and the pictures of their union were shared on his Instagram account alongside the caption, “And We created you in pairs.”

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik exchanged vows in Hyderabad back in 2010 and have a five-year-old son named Izhaan, who resides with Sania. Speculations surrounding a rift between the couple had been circulating since 2022, with notable actions like Sania deleting pictures with Shoaib and Shoaib unfollowing her further fueling the rumors.

Sana Javed, the newly-wedded wife of Shoaib Malik, is renowned for her appearances in various Pakistani TV shows and films. Prior to her marriage with Shoaib, she was previously married to singer Umair Jaiswal, with the couple having recently divorced.

The news of this unexpected turn of events stirred up substantial buzz across social media platforms and news outlets, leaving fans and followers intrigued by the evolving dynamics in both Sania and Shoaib’s personal lives.


1. ✍️What is a ‘khula’?✍️
– Khula is a concept in Islamic law that grants women the right to seek a divorce from their husbands.

2. ✍️How many times has Shoaib Malik been married?✍️
– Shoaib Malik’s marriage to Sana Javed marks his third marriage.

3. ✍️Who is Sana Javed?✍️
– Sana Javed is a popular Pakistani TV actor who has appeared in numerous TV shows and films.

4. ✍️Who has custody of Sania and Shoaib’s son?✍️
– Sania Mirza has custody of their five-year-old son, Izhaan.

5. ✍️Did Sana Javed’s previous marriage end in divorce?✍️
– Yes, Sana Javed was previously married to singer Umair Jaiswal, and they recently got divorced.


The recent events surrounding Sania Mirza, Shoaib Malik, and Sana Javed have sparked widespread interest and discussions on social media and in the public domain. Sania Mirza’s father’s clarification about their marriage status and Shoaib Malik’s subsequent marriage has captured the attention of fans and followers across the globe, fueling speculations and conversations about these well-known personalities. As the saga continues to unfold, it is apparent that the personal lives of public figures often become highly scrutinized and debated, underscoring the continued fascination with celebrity relationships and the complexities that come with it.

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