Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete The Flying Metal Nuisance?

# Disney Dreamlight Valley: Mastering “The Aerial Robotic Menace”

Disney Dreamlight Valley presents a thrilling quest called “The Aerial Robotic Menace,” where players must navigate through the enchanting valley to capture mischievous airborne robots causing chaos. Equipped with a Net tool, adventurers embark on an exhilarating journey to thwart the robots’ misdeeds and bring peace to the valley. This article provides a comprehensive guide to completing the challenge and obtaining the Royal Hourglass.

➤ The Challenge
To conquer “The Aerial Robotic Menace,” players must track and ensnare the elusive flying robots causing disturbance. Patience and keen observation are key to successfully identifying and capturing them.

➤ Preparing for the Challenge
Before undertaking this quest, players must successfully complete the preceding mission, “The Secrets of Eternity Isle.” This achievement will allow them to obtain a crucial tool, the Hourglass, bestowed upon them by the sagacious guide of Dreamlight Valley, Jafar.

➤ Obtaining the Hourglass
Unlocking the Hourglass involves a visit to Eve, a troublesome metallic robot located west of The Docks. Along the way, players will encounter bronze rocks that require an enhanced Pickaxe. Jafar can assist in upgrading the Pickaxe to overcome these obstacles. Upon reaching Eve, players receive a clue guiding them to her residence, adding an intriguing layer of mystery to the quest.

➤ Eve’s House and the Robot Costume
Players must locate Eve’s house, tidying up clutter to unveil a concealed Memory, which is essential for the quest’s progression. Donning the Robot Costume allows players to communicate with Eve, requiring them to venture to a hidden cave behind a waterfall to locate the costume.

➤ The Recipe and the Royal Hourglass
Upon securing the Memory and communicating with Eve, players receive a recipe, “Best Fish Forever,” as a token of gratitude. Gathering the ingredients to craft this dish results in obtaining the Royal Hourglass.

➤ The Final Quest
After obtaining the Royal Hourglass, players must undertake the quest “The Sands in the Hourglass” to locate the Jewels of Time, unlocking the full potential of the Royal Hourglass.

➤ Embark on the Adventure
Armed with the Royal Hourglass, players are ready to traverse the captivating landscapes of Dreamlight Valley, capturing elusive flying robots using the Net tool and relishing the enchanting atmosphere.

➤ FAQs

➤# Q: What is the required quantity of flying robots to capture in the challenge?
A: There isn’t a specific number of robots to capture; your objective is to capture as many as possible to halt their mischief.

➤# Q: Where is the Robot Costume located?
A: The Robot Costume can be discovered in a cave behind the waterfall situated between The Docks and Eve’s location. Break the bronze rocks to access the cave and locate the costume inside a chest.

➤# Q: How can I unleash the complete power of the Royal Hourglass?
A: To unlock the full power of the Royal Hourglass, engage in the quest titled “The Sands in the Hourglass” and locate the Jewels of Time.

Mastering “The Aerial Robotic Menace” in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a captivating adventure that requires resourcefulness, patience, and determination. With the guidance provided in this comprehensive article, adventurers can embark on this magical quest with confidence, embracing the challenges and triumphs that await in the whimsical realm of Dreamlight Valley.

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