Ed Westwick wishes Amy Jackson on her birthday with loved-up proposal pictures from Switzerland

✍️Ed Westwick Wishes Amy Jackson a Happy Birthday with Sweeping Proposal in Switzerland✍️

Ed Westwick, well-known for his role in the hit TV series, Gossip Girl, recently celebrated Amy Jackson’s birthday in a remarkable fashion. The actor took to social media to share heartwarming proposal pictures from their romantic escapade in Switzerland. The couple’s joyous and loved-up moments were captured and shared with the world.

“The proposal occurred in Switzerland, and Ed commemorated Amy’s birthday with a sweet message on Instagram, ‘Happy Birthday Kid xx,’ accompanied by goofy and delightful proposal pictures,” shares a source close to the couple. Amy responded with an infinity sign emoji, symbolizing their enduring love and commitment.

The picturesque setting of the proposal, between two snow-clad mountains, encapsulates the couple’s enchanting love story. Amy expressed her enthusiasm for the engagement by writing, “Hell YES,” as she shared the blissful captures with her followers.

Amid the celebratory atmosphere in one of the images, the couple is seen surrounded by a crowd in a stadium. Their public declaration of love comes after Amy and Ed opened up about their relationship in June 2022. Prior to this, Amy was engaged to George Panayiotou, with whom she shares a son.

In an exclusive interview with Hello Magazine, Ed Westwick expressed his profound commitment to Amy and his optimistic outlook on their future together. “I can see a future with Amy, one hundred percent. I grew up in a wonderful household where my mum and dad were married. My parents loved each other fiercely right up to the end. I idolized them and their relationship. Just that kind of support,” he shared, reflecting on the profound influence of his parents’ enduring love on his own perspective on relationships.

With this heartwarming and enchanting engagement, Ed Westwick and Amy Jackson continue to capture the hearts of their fans with their profound love and commitment to each other.


✍️1. When did Ed Westwick publicly declare his relationship with Amy Jackson?✍️
Ed and Amy publicly declared their relationship in June 2022.

✍️2. Who was Amy Jackson previously engaged to before Ed Westwick proposed to her?✍️
Amy Jackson was previously engaged to George Panayiotou, with whom she shares a son.

✍️3. Where did Ed Westwick propose to Amy Jackson?✍️
Ed proposed to Amy in Switzerland, amidst the stunning backdrop of snow-clad mountains.

✍️4. What did Ed Westwick share on Instagram to mark Amy Jackson’s birthday?✍️
Ed shared joyful proposal pictures on Instagram with a heartfelt message, “Happy Birthday Kid xx,” dedicated to Amy.

✍️In Conclusion✍️

Ed Westwick’s heartfelt birthday tribute to Amy Jackson in the form of a romantic proposal in the serene beauty of Switzerland has touched the hearts of many. Their love continues to inspire and captivate the public as they embark on their journey of timeless love and commitment. We look forward to witnessing their love story unfold and wish them a lifetime of happiness together.

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