Duck plays Hide & Seek with Tiger, watch viral video

In an unusual encounter that captivated onlookers, a tiger stumbled upon a duck in a serene small pond. What followed was a fascinating game of agility and survival as the carnivorous tiger attempted to catch the swift bird.

The duck, displaying remarkable wit and quick reflexes, cleverly dodged the tiger’s every lunge by swiftly diving into the safety of the water. The tiger, with its stealth and strength, repeatedly tried to pounce on the elusive bird, but each time, the duck outmaneuvered the predator by hiding in the protective embrace of the pond.

Video Source: Symbio Wildlife Park/ YouTube

Witnesses marveled at the incredible sight: the powerful tiger’s attempts were consistently foiled by the duck’s nimbleness and strategic use of the pond as a shield. It was a riveting display of nature’s cunning and adaptability. Despite the tiger’s persistence and determination to capture the elusive bird, the clever duck’s evasive maneuvers proved too skillful for the predator to conquer. Eventually, after numerous unsuccessful attempts, the tiger had to concede defeat. The duck, with its mastery of evasion, emerged victorious from this thrilling game of survival.

The spectacle left observers in awe of the duck’s ingenuity and the sheer unpredictability of nature. This remarkable encounter, where a small bird outwitted a mighty tiger, stands as a testament to the brilliance and resourcefulness of wildlife in their quest for survival. This video shared on Symbio Wildlife Park YouTube channel and got 4.4 million views so far.

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