Good Grief: A Heartfelt Film Now Streaming on Netflix

Good Grief was initially released as a film, not a series, following a typical distribution pattern for movies. It first had a limited release in theaters in the United States on December 29, 2023. Following its theatrical run, the film made its global debut on Netflix on January 5, 2024. This transition from theaters to streaming platforms is quite common in the film industry, allowing movies to reach a broader audience globally after their initial theatrical release.

The film, directed by Daniel Levy and featuring an ensemble cast including Ruth Negga, Himesh Patel, and Luke Evans, offers a unique blend of humor and drama, resonating with a wide audience. The story revolves around Marc’s journey of coping with loss, finding new beginnings, and reconnecting with his friends after a difficult time.

Where to Watch Good Grief

Good Grief is exclusively accessible for streaming on Netflix. This transition from theaters to the digital platform allows a wider audience to enjoy the film’s performances from the comfort of their homes, as it’s accessible to Netflix subscribers worldwide.

Good Grief FAQ

Is Good Grief a series on Netflix?

No, Good Grief is not a series on Netflix. It is a comedy-drama film that was initially released in theaters and later became available for streaming on Netflix after its theatrical run.

What is the plot of Good Grief?

The film follows Marc’s journey of coping with the loss of his husband, Oliver, in a car accident. With the support of his friends, he navigates through grief, discovers hidden truths about his late husband, and ultimately finds a way to move forward and reconnect with his friends.

Who are the main cast members of Good Grief?

The main cast members include Daniel Levy as Marc, Ruth Negga as Sophie, Himesh Patel as Thomas, and Luke Evans as Oliver, among others.


Good Grief is a heartfelt and engaging film that offers a poignant portrayal of grief, friendship, and new beginnings. With its move to the streaming platform Netflix, it has become accessible to a global audience, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the touching narrative and compelling performances of the cast.

Overall, the film’s transition to Netflix provides an opportunity for audiences worldwide to explore the emotional depth and relatable themes depicted in Good Grief.

For those interested in a touching and thought-provoking film experience, Good Grief on Netflix offers a captivating journey worth delving into.

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