Graveyard Keeper: How to Get & Catch Moths?

As you delve into the immersive world of the renowned game Graveyard Keeper, you’ll encounter a diverse array of insects scattered across the map. These insects play distinct roles, contributing to activities like fishing and crafting. This guide is dedicated to detailing the steps for acquiring Moths in Graveyard Keeper.

➤ Where Can You Find Moths in Graveyard Keeper?

To initiate the process of capturing Moths, your first step is to unlock the “Insects” skill within the “Nature” tech tree. This skill, once obtained, provides access to the Gathering skill, enabling you to collect Moths, Bees, and Butterflies.

Unlocking the Gathering skill involves progressing through the Beekeeping section of the tech tree, requiring 5 Blue Tech points and 20 Green Tech points.

Once these skills are acquired, you can embark on the quest to find Moths during your exploration of various flowers within Graveyard Keeper. Moths are nocturnal creatures and are frequently discovered near white flowers. Players have reported a higher likelihood of encountering insects, including Moths, in the Quarry area. To reach the Quarry in Graveyard Keeper, follow these steps:

Commencing from the Graveyard, extend your journey beyond the Sawmill. Continue forward until you reach the Quarry.

➤ What Are Moths Used For in Graveyard Keeper?

Moths in Graveyard Keeper play a versatile role, proving valuable in Alchemy, Crafting, and Fishing. In Alchemy, a single Moth and a Hand Mixer can be employed to create two Chaos Solutions. In the realm of Crafting, players can craft a Chaos Extract by combining a Moth with a Distillation Cube. Moreover, with the Master of Alchemy skill unlocked, an additional Reagent can be produced at any Workstation. For fishing enthusiasts, Moths make effective bait, enabling the capture of five different types of fish and water creatures.

By adhering to the aforementioned steps, locating and capturing Moths in Graveyard Keeper should pose no challenge. Moths are generally considered one of the more accessible insects to collect in the game, so savor your adventures in the world of Graveyard Keeper.


Q: Is it possible to come across Moths during the daytime?
A: No, Moths are exclusively nocturnal creatures and can only be found at night.

Q: Where is the usual habitat of Moths in Graveyard Keeper?
A: Moths are frequently spotted near white flowers.

Q: Can Moths be utilized as fishing bait?
A: Yes, Moths serve as effective bait, enabling the capture of five different types of fish and water creatures.

➤ Conclusion
Moths play a significant role in the world of Graveyard Keeper, serving multiple purposes in alchemy, crafting, and fishing. With the right skills and knowledge of their habitat, capturing and utilizing Moths will enhance your gaming experience in Graveyard Keeper.

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