Viral Video of Snake Found In Biker’s Helmet, Sending Social Media Abuzz

In a country like India, where serpents have been a part of folklore, mythology, and sometimes, unfortunate realities, encounters with snakes in the most unexpected places are not unheard of. Social media often becomes the canvas for sharing bizarre and astonishing moments involving these slithering creatures, and the recent video of a snake tucked inside a bike helmet has once again sparked a frenzy among netizens.

The captivating video, shared by Dev Shrestha on Instagram, showcased a snake concealed within the confines of a bike helmet placed innocuously on the ground. What made the sight even more intriguing was the uncanny resemblance between the scales of the reptile and the interior design of the helmet. The snake, captured in an upright position, displayed a defensive stance, swiftly lunging forward whenever anyone approached too close.

Video Source: WorldTamilNews

Uploaded on November 1, the video swiftly garnered over 4.4 million views and an impressive tally of 44,000 likes on Instagram. As anticipated, the internet’s dwellers flooded the comments section with a mix of bewilderment and humor. Among the amusing reactions, one user humorously suggested that the snake might receive a “challan” (fine) for unauthorized driving!

This isn’t the first time such encounters have taken the internet by storm. Previously, a peculiar video emerged showing a snake seemingly transporting banknotes to a residence. The footage captured the long serpent carrying money in its mouth as it navigated along the exterior of a house before slipping inside through a door. The authenticity of the video has spurred debates and speculations across various online platforms.

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