How to Fix Microsoft Flight Simulator A310 Throttle Not Working

Troubleshooting Throttle Control

Experiencing difficulties with the throttle control while using the Airbus A310 in Microsoft Flight Simulator? Numerous users have reported problems, such as the throttle unexpectedly reaching maximum power during crucial situations or becoming entirely unresponsive. In this post, we will investigate different remedies and solutions to resolve the A310 throttle malfunction in MSFS.

Check Control Settings

Addressing the A310 throttle problem in MSFS might involve inspecting and adjusting your control settings. Incorrect configurations can lead to the throttle input not being recognized accurately. To resolve throttle control issues, make sure that your hardware is correctly mapped and calibrated within the game.

Enable Auto Throttles

Using auto throttles has been suggested as a workaround for addressing A310 throttle calibration issues. While this solution may seem unconventional, it has been reported to effectively eliminate the problem by allowing the auto throttle system to take control.

Calibrate The Throttle

Throttle calibration is essential to ensure accurate correspondence between the physical throttle inputs and the in-game throttle settings. Failure to calibrate the throttle may result in erratic or unresponsive inputs, negatively impacting the flight experience and hindering effective control over the aircraft’s power settings.

Restart MSFS

In certain instances, restarting the simulator can effectively resolve temporary glitches or software hiccups that might be causing the throttle to malfunction.

Verify Hardware Connectivity

Ensuring secure and reliable hardware connections is crucial to prevent unresponsive or erratic throttle behavior in MSFS.

If none of the aforementioned solutions prove effective, the issue may be more intricate or tailored to your individual setup. It is advisable to seek personalized assistance from the support team. In summary, if you encounter problems with the A310 throttle in Microsoft Flight Simulator, there are various measures you can undertake to address the issue. Whether it involves examining control settings, utilizing auto throttles, calibrating the throttle, restarting MSFS, ensuring hardware connectivity, or seeking support, these steps collectively contribute to enhancing the throttle’s functionality and improving your overall flight experience.


Q: How can I reconfigure the throttle axis in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

A: To reconfigure the throttle axis, navigate to MSFS Controls Options, use the Search by Input box, and move your throttle lever to confirm if the correct throttle axis is detected. If not, remap the throttle axis to the appropriate control in the settings.

Q: What is the purpose of enabling auto throttles for the A310 in MSFS?

A: Enabling auto throttles can act as a solution for throttle calibration problems, allowing the auto throttle system to take control and potentially resolve the issue.

Q: If the troubleshooting steps prove ineffective, what should be the next course of action?

A: If none of the troubleshooting methods yield results, it is advisable to reach out to Microsoft Flight Simulator support for personalized assistance in addressing your specific issue.

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