How to Get Oil in Graveyard Keeper? – A Comprehensive Guide

Graveyard Keeper: How to Acquire Oil

Graveyard Keeper can be a challenging game when it comes to acquiring specific items, and oil is no exception. This guide will walk you through the steps to obtain oil in Graveyard Keeper, an essential ingredient for various crafting and alchemical endeavors.

Acquiring Oil in Graveyard Keeper

To obtain oil in Graveyard Keeper, you need to journey to the village in the East and locate a character named Dig. Dig serves as the primary oil merchant in the game and offers Seed Oil for purchase at the price of 30 copper. You can buy up to 15 units of Seed Oil from Dig, along with other hemp-related products that can be useful in later stages of the game.

Once you have acquired the Seed Oil, navigate to your inventory, select the oil, and use it to transform the Seed Oil into 10 drops of oil. This oil can then be delivered to the donkey to fulfill his demand.

While there is an alternative method of extracting oil from fat using a Vine Press, purchasing Seed Oil from Dig is the fastest and most efficient way to obtain oil in Graveyard Keeper without the need for additional crafting or intermediate steps.

Utilization and Importance of Oil

In Graveyard Keeper, oil plays a crucial role in alchemy and cooking. It is a vital ingredient for crafting various types of paints, contributing to the creation of vibrant colors. Additionally, oil is an essential component in the production of Polishing Paste, which is used to refine stone and glass surfaces. Therefore, stockpiling oil can significantly enhance your capabilities in alchemical and crafting activities within the game.


Q: Is it possible to acquire oil from alternative sources?

A: You have the option to derive oil from fat using a Vine Press. However, the most efficient method is to procure Seed Oil from Dig.

Q: What is the price of Seed Oil?

A: Seed Oil is available for purchase from Dig at a cost of 30 copper.

Q: In Graveyard Keeper, what purposes does oil serve?

A: Oil finds its primary uses in alchemy and cooking. Additionally, it is a necessary ingredient for crafting paints and Polishing Paste.


Now equipped with the knowledge of how to obtain oil in Graveyard Keeper, you can enhance your abilities in alchemy, cooking, and crafting. By purchasing Seed Oil from Dig, you can efficiently meet the demand for oil in the game and utilize it for various essential activities.

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