Is Amanza Still on Selling Sunset? Who is Amanza Smith From Selling Sunset?

Fans eagerly await a potential eighth season of “Selling Sunset” to see Amanza Smith make her return after the conclusion of Season 7 in November 2023. Amanza, a real estate agent and interior designer, has been a beloved member of the original cast since joining in Season 2, and her personal struggles and integral role in the show’s plot have made her a fan favorite. With the departure of Christine Quinn in Season 5 and the introduction of new faces, Amanza’s presence in the show is highly anticipated.

Amanza Smith’s Role in Selling Sunset

As of now, Amanza Smith remains a key member of the cast on “Selling Sunset.” She has shared personal struggles, including being a single mother and her ex-husband’s disappearance, adding depth to the dynamic narratives of the Oppenheim Group’s personal and professional endeavors in the high-end real estate market. Amanza’s likely return would contribute to the blend of personal and professional stories depicted in the series.

Amanza’s Health and Zodiac Sign

Amanza Smith faced a life-threatening health crisis due to vertebral osteomyelitis, which she bravely shared with fans. She underwent surgeries and intensive treatment, showcasing her resilience. Amanza is a Sagittarius, known for being adventurous, optimistic, and open-minded, traits that align with her personality.

Selling Sunset and Where to Watch

“Selling Sunset” is a popular American reality TV series available on Netflix since March 21, 2019. It follows the Oppenheim Group, a prestigious real estate brokerage in Los Angeles, and provides viewers with a glimpse into the high-end real estate market, showcasing luxurious properties and the challenges faced by the agents. The show is available for streaming on Netflix, offering a mix of glamour, drama, and real estate dealings.

Selling Sunset Cast

The show features a diverse cast, including Brett and Jason Oppenheim, Heather Rae El Moussa, Mary Fitzgerald, Christine Quinn, Chrishell Stause, and several other real estate agents and personalities, including Amanza Smith.


1. Will Amanza Smith be returning for the potential eighth season of “Selling Sunset”?

As of now, there is no official confirmation regarding Amanza Smith’s return for the potential eighth season of “Selling Sunset.” Fans eagerly anticipate news of the show’s continuation and Amanza’s involvement in the upcoming season.

2. What is Amanza Smith’s zodiac sign?

Amanza Smith’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Known for her adventurous and optimistic personality, Amanza’s zodiac sign reflects qualities that may contribute to her approach to life and her resilience during challenging times.

3. How can I watch “Selling Sunset”?

“Selling Sunset” is available for streaming on Netflix. The series provides a captivating watch, offering a mix of glamour, drama, and insight into the high-end real estate market in Los Angeles.


As the potential eighth season of “Selling Sunset” awaits confirmation, fans are eager to see Amanza Smith’s return to the show. Amanza’s personal struggles, integral role in the plot, and resilience through challenging times make her an essential and beloved member of the cast. With her anticipated return, viewers can look forward to a continuation of the dynamic narratives and glamorous world depicted in “Selling Sunset.”

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