Jenna Ortega spills the beans about Wednesday season 2: ‘a little bit more horror’

✍️Jenna Ortega: Exclusive Insights into Wednesday Season 2✍️

In an exciting revelation on the red carpet pre-show of the Emmy Awards, Jenna Ortega, renowned for her portrayal of Wednesday Addams in the Netflix show ‘Wednesday’, offered a sneak peek into the developments of the highly anticipated season 2. As she excitedly discussed receiving the script for the upcoming season, Jenna Ortega, who doubles as a producer in the series, divulged some intriguing details about the forthcoming season.

Describing the direction of the next season, the 21-year-old actress emphasized that the creators are exploring a “little bit more horror” to intensify the series. She spoke of her enthusiasm for this creative expansion, stressing the need for her character’s development and hinting that the upcoming season promises a “bit of an arc.” Jenna also shared that the upcoming season will feature “really good one-liners” and will be larger in scale, indicating a shift towards an action-packed storyline. She further teased that each episode will deliver the heightened excitement of a movie.

The delightful news for fans of the show comes against the backdrop of Jenna Ortega’s remarkable transformation into a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Her performance as the enigmatic protagonist in ‘Wednesday’ has garnered widespread acclaim and popularity, propelling the Netflix series to become the second most-watched English-language show on the streaming platform within a mere three weeks of its release.

‘Wednesday’ also garnered substantial recognition at the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards, earning three prestigious nominations. The show itself received a nod for Outstanding Comedy Series while Jenna Ortega was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for her portrayal of Wednesday Addams. Furthermore, the show garnered director Tim Burton a nomination for Outstanding Direction for a Comedy Series, reaffirming its status as a standout series in the television landscape.

This exciting development sets the stage for a highly anticipated return for ‘Wednesday’ and underscores the growing anticipation for the show’s upcoming season.


1. ✍️When did the show Wednesday premiere?✍️
‘Wednesday’ premiered on November 16, 2022, on Netflix.

2. ✍️How many nominations did Wednesday receive at the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards?✍️
The show received three nominations at the Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for Jenna Ortega, and Outstanding Direction for a Comedy Series for Tim Burton.

3. ✍️What can fans expect from Wednesday season 2?✍️
According to Jenna Ortega, season 2 will offer “really good one-liners,” a heightened sense of horror, and a larger, more action-packed scale, with each episode feeling akin to a movie.


Jenna Ortega’s insights into the exciting developments of ‘Wednesday’ season 2 have ignited anticipation and fervor among fans. The expansion into the horror genre and the promise of a more dynamic and engaging storyline point towards a captivating continuation of the beloved series. With Jenna Ortega’s multifaceted involvement as the lead actress and a producer, the show’s evolution represents a compelling chapter in her burgeoning career. As fans eagerly await the return of ‘Wednesday’, the forthcoming season promises to deliver an exhilarating and immersive experience for viewers.

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