Kangana Ranaut’s Praise for PM Narendra Modi and Updates on her Upcoming Film ‘Emergency’

Kangana Ranaut recently took to Instagram to express her admiration for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, applauding his intensity and actions. She emphasized the extraordinary nature of his intent and emotion, particularly highlighting the intensity visible in his eyes in a recent picture she shared on her Instagram Stories. Her post attracted attention as it comes amid speculations about her potential involvement in politics.

Kangana’s Take on PM Modi

In her Instagram post, Kangana wrote, “We all know Modi ji is one of us, what is it that makes him so extraordinary? In my opinion it’s the sheer intensity of his intent, emotion and action… so it’s the intensity. Look at this picture from today, look at his eyes it’s just a look…. But more sharper and sparkling than a blazing sword…”

Work Updates

Kangana Ranaut is currently in Mumbai for the post-production work on her upcoming film, ‘Emergency.’ She recently shared a glimpse of her dubbing session for the film, indicating that the release date announcement would be coming soon. ‘Emergency’ revolves around the life of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, with Kangana portraying the titular role in this biographical drama. It marks Kangana’s debut as a solo director and also features Anupam Kher, Mahima Chaudhry, and other prominent actors in key roles.


Is Kangana Ranaut entering politics?

There have been speculations about Kangana Ranaut considering a political career. However, as of now, she has not officially announced any plans to enter politics.

What is Kangana’s role in the film ‘Emergency’?

Kangana Ranaut plays the lead role of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in the film ‘Emergency,’ which revolves around significant events in Gandhi’s life and political career.

When is the release date for ‘Emergency’?

While an exact release date has not been announced, Kangana Ranaut has teased that the release date for ‘Emergency’ will be revealed soon as the film is currently in the post-production phase.


Kangana Ranaut’s recent post praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi and her updates on the film ‘Emergency’ have been the focus of attention for her fans and the media. As she continues her work on the film, anticipation is building for the release date announcement and the portrayal of her character in this biographical drama.

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