Kiara Advani kisses Sidharth Malhotra passionately in this video; showers love on his birthday

# Kiara Advani’s Birthday Video of Passionate Kiss with Sidharth Malhotra

On January 16, Sidharth Malhotra celebrated his birthday, and his wife, actor Kiara Advani, shared a heartwarming video from the festivities on her Instagram stories. The intimate moments captured in the video included Kiara showering love on Sidharth with a passionate kiss, and Sidharth reciprocating with a kiss on her forehead.

The video showed a glimpse of the birthday celebrations, featuring a splendid cake designed in the likeness of Sidharth in a black suit. Kiara looked stunning in a black outfit, while Sidharth sported a rainbow-colored shirt and pants. The couple’s affectionate display concluded with a shared passionate kiss, adding to the adorableness of the celebration.

➤# Guests at the Birthday Bash
The ambiance of the birthday bash was further adorned by the presence of Sidharth’s family, relatives, and close friends. Kiara’s parents, Jagdeep Advani and Genevieve Jaffrey, joined in the celebrations, along with notable personalities such as Karan Johar and Shakun Batra.

➤# Sidharth’s Work Front
The upcoming projects of both Sidharth and Kiara were also highlighted. Sidharth’s much-anticipated action cop drama ‘Indian Police Force’ is set to premiere on Amazon Prime on January 19. Additionally, he will be seen in the action thriller film ‘Yodha’.

Meanwhile, Kiara is gearing up for her role in ‘War 2’ alongside Hrithik Roshan and Jr NTR.

The heartwarming birthday celebration and the public display of affection between Kiara and Sidharth have left fans elated, with many expressing their happiness and admiration for the couple.

➤# Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

➤➤ 1. Is Kiara Advani married to Sidharth Malhotra?
Yes, Kiara Advani has not been married to Sidharth Malhotra. Their affectionate display in the birthday video sparked much joy and admiration among their fans, but they are not married.

➤➤ 2. When will the action cop drama ‘Indian Police Force’ premiere?
‘Indian Police Force’ starring Sidharth Malhotra is set to premiere on Amazon Prime on January 19.

➤➤ 3. What are Kiara Advani’s upcoming projects?
Kiara Advani will be seen in the much-anticipated ‘War 2’ alongside Hrithik Roshan and Jr NTR.

➤➤ 4. Who attended Sidharth Malhotra’s birthday bash?
The birthday bash was graced by Sidharth’s family, relatives, close friends, as well as notable personalities such as Karan Johar and Shakun Batra.

➤➤ 5. What is the theme of Sidharth Malhotra’s birthday cake?
The birthday cake featured a miniature of Sidharth in a black suit, emphasizing the theme of the ‘Indian Police Force’ actor’s upcoming project.

➤# Conclusion

Kiara Advani’s touching birthday tribute to Sidharth Malhotra, along with the glimpses of the birthday celebration, has created a buzz among fans and followers. The adorable video serves as a reminder of the couple’s love and affection and has garnered much attention across social media platforms. Additionally, with the announcement of their upcoming projects, excitement continues to mount for the duo’s future ventures.

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