Nagarjuna cancels Maldives trip after remark against PM Modi, plans Lakshadweep visit

✍️Nagarjuna Cancels Maldives Trip, Plans Lakshadweep Visit in the Wake of Controversy✍️

Megastar Nagarjuna’s decision to cancel his vacation to the Maldives, post his TV show commitments, due to derogatory comments made by certain individuals from the Maldives about Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sparked widespread discussions. Nagarjuna emphasized that his decision was not fueled by fear but was a response to the unhealthy situation.

His comments came during a conversation with lyricist Chandrabose and lyricist MM Keeravaani on a Telugu Film Producers Council YouTube episode. Nagarjuna expressed his displeasure with the comments made about PM Modi and shared plans of visiting the scenic Bangaram Islands in Lakshadweep.

➤# About the India-Maldives Controversy

The controversy surrounding the Maldives gained momentum after derogatory remarks were made about India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s invitation to visit Indian islands. This led to a push for boycotting film and television shoots in the Maldives by organizations like the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE). Prompted by the call to support Indian locations for both work and leisure, several celebrities, including Nagarjuna, redirected their travel recommendations to Lakshadweep.


1. ✍️What were the derogatory remarks against PM Modi?✍️
Some individuals in the Maldives made derogatory comments about India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi after PM Modi’s visit to the Lakshadweep Islands.

2. ✍️Why did Nagarjuna cancel his Maldives trip?✍️
Nagarjuna canceled his Maldives trip due to the comments made by some ministers from the Maldives about PM Narendra Modi.

3. ✍️What is the controversy surrounding India-Maldives relations?✍️
There has been a push for boycotting the Maldives for leisure and work following derogatory remarks directed at India and PM Modi, prompting a shift towards visiting Indian islands like Lakshadweep.

➤# Conclusion

Nagarjuna’s decision to cancel his trip to the Maldives and plan a visit to Lakshadweep in response to the controversial remarks against PM Modi highlights the impact of political sentiments on personal choices. The ongoing trend of advocating for Indian destinations over the Maldives indicates a growing concern within the entertainment industry regarding diplomatic relations and the choice of leisure destinations.

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