Prabhas’ New Movie ‘The Raja Saab’ Unveils Altered Name and First Look

Prabhas, the renowned actor in Indian cinema, has recently caught the attention of his fans with the release of the first look of his upcoming movie, ‘The Raja Saab.’ Besides revealing Prabhas’ new look, the poster raised eyebrows with an unexpected alteration; the traditional spelling of his name ‘Prabhas’ was modified to ‘Prabhass’.

While speculation abounds on whether the change is deliberate or a typographical error, the anticipation for ‘The Raja Saab’ has intensified. Described as a horror-comedy, the film marks an exciting collaboration between Prabhas and director Maruthi, promising a unique cinematic experience for audiences.

About ‘The Raja Saab’

‘The Raja Saab’ is set to feature Prabhas in a lead role and is directed by Maruthi, an accomplished name in Telugu cinema. The film is produced by TG Vishwa Prasad with co-production by Vivek Kuchibotla and is poised for release in multiple languages, including Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam. The music for the movie is composed by Thaman S, adding to the already high expectations surrounding the project.

Though specific plot details are being kept under wraps, speculations about Prabhas portraying a dual role are rife. Director Maruthi Dasari has expressed his confidence in Prabhas delivering a major hit for his fans, further adding to the buzz surrounding ‘The Raja Saab.’

Director’s Praise for Prabhas

Director Maruthi Dasari commended Prabhas’ dedication to his craft, as the actor juggles shooting for ‘Salaar,’ ‘Project K’ (Kalki 2898 AD), and ‘Raja Saab’ simultaneously. According to the director, Prabhas remains fully committed to delivering the best for his devoted fanbase, showcasing his unwavering passion for his craft.


1. Why did Prabhas change the spelling of his name to ‘Prabhass’?

The reason behind the alteration in the spelling of Prabhas’ name remains undisclosed. It is unclear whether it is a deliberate move by the actor or a typographical error. The mystery surrounding this change has sparked intense curiosity among fans and the film fraternity.

2. What is the genre of ‘The Raja Saab’?

‘The Raja Saab’ is described as a horror-comedy, promising an intriguing blend of scares and laughs. The film is helmed by director Maruthi and is poised for release in multiple languages, making it an eagerly anticipated project in Indian cinema.

3. When is ‘The Raja Saab’ set to release?

The release date for ‘The Raja Saab’ has not yet been officially announced. However, the film is eagerly awaited by fans and is expected to release in multiple languages, catering to a wide audience across the country.


Prabhas’ altered name and new look in ‘The Raja Saab’ have created significant buzz in the film industry, heightening the anticipation for the movie’s release. With an intriguing premise, a talented cast and crew, and Prabhas’ unwavering commitment to delivering quality entertainment, ‘The Raja Saab’ is undoubtedly a film to watch out for in the coming months.

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