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# Reverse 1999 Tier List January 2024: Best Characters – News

The Reverse 1999 Tier List for January 2024 has been released, categorizing characters into different tiers based on their strengths and abilities. While these rankings serve as a guide, individual preferences and gameplay styles can influence a player’s choices. Below are the highlights of the tier list:

➤ S-Tier: The Best of the Best
– ✍️Ezra Theodore:✍️ A 6-star character known for shield and support skills, although with limited durability.
– ✍️Tooth Fairy:✍️ This 6-star character excels in healing, critical hits, and applying debuffs.
– ✍️Voyager:✍️ A 6-star support character with a wide range of counter and control capabilities, making them highly adaptable.
– ✍️Regulus:✍️ Another 6-star character with the “restless heart” trait, proficiently functioning as both support and DPS.

➤ A-Tier: Very Strong Characters
– ✍️Baby Blue:✍️ A pivotal 5-star character in the support realm, emphasizing debuffs and DPS.
– ✍️Blonney:✍️ Distinguished for burst damage, consistent DPS, and buffing capabilities as a 5-star character.
– ✍️Charlie:✍️ Recognized for dispelling abilities, inflicting mental damage, and consistent DPS, as a 5-star character.
– ✍️Matilda:✍️ Proficient in debuffing, mental damage, and delivering sustained DPS as a 5-star character.

➤ B-Tier: Solid Characters
– ✍️Erick:✍️ A 4-star character specializing in dispelling, DPS, and support roles.
– ✍️Oliver Fog:✍️ Another 4-star character with expertise in defense, support, and shielding.
– ✍️TTT:✍️ A 4-star character with dispelling, defense, and counter abilities.
– ✍️APPLE:✍️ Focusing on healing, DPS, and damage output as a 4-star character.

➤ C-Tier: The Lowest Ranked Characters
– ✍️CaliEnT:✍️ A 3-star character with control, defense, and counter abilities.
– ✍️The Fool:✍️ Excels in defense, counter, and resist rate as another 3-star character.
– ✍️Sputnik:✍️ Possesses defense and control abilities as a 3-star character.
– ✍️ONiON:✍️ Specializing in debuffing, DPS, and defense as a 3-star character.

Please note that rankings in this tier list reflect the preferences and gameplay style of the individuals who compiled it. Thus, personal experiences and strategies may lead players to different character choices.

➤ FAQs

➤# Q: Is this tier list highly reliable?
A: This tier list reflects our personal preferences and gameplay style, so results might differ among players.

➤# Q: Do characters with lower rankings have value in combat scenarios?
A: Certainly, characters with lower rankings can be valuable when used efficiently and aligned with your combat tactics.

➤# Q: Should other aspects influence the selection of characters?
A: Absolutely, consider your specific requirements and gameplay style to make well-informed decisions when assembling your team.

In conclusion, while tier lists serve as useful guides, it’s essential for players to consider personal preferences, playstyles, and in-game strategies when deciding the ideal characters for their Reverse: 1999 journey. Happy gaming!

With this tier list, players can gain insights into the characters’ strengths and roles, aiding them in forming effective teams and enhancing their gameplay experience.

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