Rishi Kapoor features with Raha in edited pic: See Neetu Kapoor and Soni Razdan‘s reactions

The Internet was captivated at the first sight of Raha when her parents, actors Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, revealed her face on Christmas 2023. Her pictures quickly went viral, with fans noting her uncanny resemblance to her late grandfather, the legendary actor Rishi Kapoor.

Recently, a heartwarming photo edited by a fan depicting Rishi holding Raha in his arms garnered attention. Neetu Kapoor, reacting to the photo, described it as ‘adorable,’ while Soni stated that the edit fills their hearts with happiness.

About the edited pic

Rishi sported a blue tee in the edited pic, while Raha donned a printed white dress with a tiara. Shared with a caption longing for Rishi’s presence, Alia Bhatt’s mom, Soni Razdan, praised the edit on her Instagram Stories, expressing gratitude with folded hands and purple emojis.

She wrote, ‘This is such a great edit. It fills our hearts with happiness. Thank you (folded hands and purple emojis).’

Neetu Kapoor reshared Soni’s post and wrote, ‘This is too adorable (smiling face with hearts emoji).’

About Rishi Kapoor’s death

Rishi Kapoor passed away on April 30, 2020. His son, Ranbir Kapoor, tied the knot with actor Alia Bhatt on April 14, 2022. Their daughter, Raha Kapoor, was born in November 2022.

About Raha’s first public appearance

In December last year, during Christmas, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt made their first public appearance with their daughter, Raha. Raha was dressed in a white and pink frock adorned with a reindeer motif on the front, paired with red shoes. Ranbir carried the little one in his arms while Alia stood beside them. The couple expressed gratitude to the media for their well wishes as Raha made her ‘paparazzi debut.’

Ranbir remembers Rishi Kapoor

Recently, Ranbir Kapoor clinched the Best Actor Award (Male) for his role in Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s film “Animal” at the Filmfare Awards. During his acceptance speech, Ranbir expressed deep gratitude to his late father, Rishi Kapoor. ‘Every day I think of you, I remember you and everything that I feel for you…the love, the affection I try to channelise it through this part and I hope you are up there in peace and resting,’ he said.

Ranbir also mentioned Raha and said, ‘And last but not least my daughter Raha…naughty….you were born and a week later I started principal shooting for Animal ..and every single day just to come home to you has been the most joyful experience of my life. Mumma and papa are bringing you a bua and a massi (referring to black lady) tonight to play… I can’t wait to experience every adventure with you…I love you naughty. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen…see you at the movies.’


What was the reaction of Neetu Kapoor and Soni Razdan to the edited photo of Rishi Kapoor holding Raha?

Neetu Kapoor described the photo as ‘adorable’ while Soni Razdan expressed their gratitude, stating that the edit fills their hearts with happiness.

When did Raha Kapoor make her first public appearance?

Raha Kapoor made her first public appearance during Christmas in December last year with parents Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. The couple expressed gratitude to the media for their well wishes as Raha made her ‘paparazzi debut’.

How did Ranbir Kapoor remember Rishi Kapoor at the Filmfare Awards?

Ranbir Kapoor expressed deep gratitude to his late father, Rishi Kapoor, during his acceptance speech and also mentioned his daughter, Raha, expressing his joy at coming home to her everyday.


The love and adoration for Rishi Kapoor continue to be present in the lives of his family members, even after his passing. The fond memories and resemblance of his granddaughter, Raha, to him have only further strengthened the emotional connection to the late actor.

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