Robert Downey Jr. Expresses Support for Margot Robbie Over Oscar Snub

Robert Downey Jr. recently voiced his support for Margot Robbie, expressing his belief that she has not received the level of credit she deserves for her performance in the film ‘Barbie.’ The actor, speaking during a SAG-AFTRA conversation with Sterling K. Brown and Willem Dafoe on YouTube, shared his perspective on the matter.

Downey Jr. noted that he felt Robbie’s performance in ‘Barbie’ had not been sufficiently acknowledged, and he particularly emphasized her skill in actively listening during a key speech delivered by America Ferrera’s character in the film. The actor also highlighted Greta Gerwig’s direction and Robbie’s trust in the filmmaking process.

Amid the discussion, Downey Jr. highlighted a specific speech by Ferrera’s character in ‘Barbie,’ referring to it as a pivotal moment that showcased the actress’s talent in delivering a memorable performance. He commended Ferrera’s ability to deliver a powerful and impactful monologue, thereby underscoring the importance of her role in the film.

Earlier this month, there was a notable outcry over both Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig not receiving individual Oscar nominations in lead actress and best director categories for their roles in ‘Barbie.’ Despite the film receiving multiple nominations, including a surprise nod for America Ferrera in the supporting actress category, the absence of individual recognition for Robbie and Gerwig sparked considerable disappointment and commentary within the industry.


1. What is ‘Barbie’ about?

‘Barbie’ is a film that explores various themes and narratives, centering around the iconic Barbie doll and its cultural significance. The movie delves into the impact and representation of the doll in society, offering a thought-provoking and engaging exploration of the subject matter.

2. When are the Oscars scheduled to take place?

The Oscars ceremony is scheduled for March 10 in Hollywood, with Jimmy Kimmel returning as the host. The event is highly anticipated and is a significant occasion within the entertainment industry, celebrating the achievements and contributions of outstanding talent within the film industry.

3. What has been the reaction to Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig’s Oscar snub?

The absence of individual Oscar nominations for Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig in lead actress and best director categories has prompted widespread disappointment and outrage within the entertainment industry. The lack of recognition for their contributions to ‘Barbie’ has led to significant commentary and discussions about the representation and acknowledgment of female talent in the film industry.


Robert Downey Jr.’s public support for Margot Robbie and his recognition of her performance in ‘Barbie’ have drawn attention to the ongoing deliberations surrounding the industry’s acknowledgment of female talent. The conversation reflects broader discussions about representation, recognition, and opportunities for women within the film industry, highlighting the need for continued dialogue and advocacy for diversity and inclusion in the entertainment world.

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