Salman Khan, Helen and others join Arbaaz Khan-Sshura Khan to celebrate her 1st birthday after marriage

Actor Arbaaz Khan and his wife, makeup artist Sshura Khan, recently celebrated her first birthday after their private wedding in Mumbai. The intimate celebration was attended by close family and friends, including Salman Khan, Salma Khan, Nirvaan Khan, and Arpita Khan. The event was filled with warmth, love, and joy as the family came together to mark this special occasion.

The celebration garnered attention on social media, with videos and pictures capturing heartwarming moments from the event. In one video, Salman Khan was seen leaving the party in his signature T-shirt attire, exuding his usual charismatic style. Additionally, Salman’s mother, Salma Khan, was captured receiving assistance from her grandson Nirvaan Khan as they departed the festivities. Arbaaz’s sister, Arpita Khan, was also present and was photographed with her children outside the venue, showcasing a stylish black ensemble.

The celebration was also graced by the presence of veteran actress Helen, who looked stunning in a black suit ensemble, complete with palazzo pants and a matching scarf.

Arbaaz Khan commemorated the occasion with a heartfelt note on his official Instagram handle, expressing his love and admiration for Sshura. His words reflected the depth of their bond and the happiness she brings to his life.

Arbaaz Khan and Sshura Khan’s wedding, which took place on December 24, 2023, was a private affair held at Arpita Khan’s residence. The nikah ceremony was attended by family members, including Salman Khan, and the couple opted for matching pastel pink attire for the occasion. The wedding quickly became a topic of interest online, with pictures and videos capturing the joyous moments of the ceremony.

On the professional front, Arbaaz Khan was last seen in the movie ‘Farrey’, directed by Soumendra Padhi.

The celebration and the love shared among the family members illustrate the warmth and closeness within the Khan family, enriching the moments of joy and togetherness.


➤# Who attended Sshura Khan’s birthday celebration?
The intimate birthday celebration was attended by close family members and friends, including Salman Khan, Salma Khan, Nirvaan Khan, and Arpita Khan. Additionally, veteran actress Helen graced the event with her presence.

➤# When did Arbaaz Khan and Sshura Khan get married?
Arbaaz Khan and makeup artist Sshura Khan tied the knot in a cozy wedding ceremony on December 24, 2023.

➤# What did Arbaaz Khan share on his Instagram handle about Sshura’s birthday?
Arbaaz Khan expressed his love and admiration for Sshura in a heartfelt note on his official Instagram handle, acknowledging the joy and happiness she brings to his life.

In conclusion, the heartwarming celebration of Sshura Khan’s birthday, attended by the Khan family and friends, provided a glimpse of the love and warmth that binds them together. The intimate moments captured at the event reflect the joy and togetherness shared among the family members, further showcasing the close-knit relationship within the Khan family.

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