The Life and Legacy of Judy Lea Jackson: A Tribute to a Remarkable Individual

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It is with heavy hearts that we mourn the passing of Judy Lea Jackson, a cherished member of the Berkeley community. Known for her compassion, generosity, and vibrant spirit, Judy’s untimely departure at the young age of 25 has left a palpable void in the lives of those who knew her.

A Life of Impact

Judy, originally from Santa Ana, California, quickly integrated herself within the fabric of Berkeley, leaving an indelible mark on the community. Her quick wit, unwavering passion, and genuine nature endeared her to all who crossed her path. Despite her brief time among us, Judy’s influence is undeniable, with her legacy enduring in the hearts of those she touched.

A Community’s Response

Following Judy’s passing, a GoFundMe campaign was initiated by Molly Myers from Emeryville, California, to support Judy’s family with funeral expenses. The outpouring of support was overwhelming, surpassing the initial fundraising goal and accumulating an impressive sum of $16,450. Clarissa Baskin, a close friend and Judy’s roommate, was entrusted as the beneficiary, overseeing the management of the funds. This remarkable collective effort not only reflects the love and respect for Judy but also demonstrates the unity and support within the community in honoring her memory.

A Lasting Legacy

Judy’s legacy is one of passion, kindness, and embracing life to the fullest. Her infectious spirit continues to inspire those who knew her, serving as a reminder of the impact one individual can have. Her absence reminds us to cherish every moment and to live with kindness, humor, and generosity, embodying the essence of Judy’s remarkable life.


Q: Who initiated the GoFundMe campaign for Judy Jackson’s memorial?

A: The GoFundMe page was launched by Molly Myers from Emeryville, California, to assist Judy’s family.

Q: What was the total amount collected through the fundraising endeavor?

A: The fundraising campaign exceeded its original goal, accumulating a notable total of $16,450.

Q: Who was entrusted with overseeing the financial and logistical aspects as the beneficiary?

A: Clarissa Baskin, Judy’s close friend and roommate, was appointed as the beneficiary to manage the finances and logistics.


Judy Lea Jackson’s impact transcends her physical presence, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire and uplift those who were fortunate enough to know her. Her memory serves as a reminder to cherish each moment and to live with unwavering passion and kindness. Judy’s spirit will forever remain a guiding light, urging us all to embrace life with the same zest and joy that she embodied.

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