Viral video of Creepy ‘Squid Game’ Doll Recreation by Astonishes

In the realm of viral videos and artistic creations, there’s an extraordinary tale that has captured the attention of millions across the globe. Tina Yu, a Chinese-raised New York-based artist renowned for her innovative sculptures, recently unveiled a masterpiece that took the internet by storm. Her recreation of the iconic doll from the hit series “Squid Game” has not only showcased her immense talent but also sparked a frenzy of admiration and appreciation.

A BFA graduate in graphic design, Tina Yu embarked on her artistic journey as a self-taught sculptor. Her passion for sculpting blossomed during her senior year in college and has since become her chosen medium for self-expression. While adept in painting and drawing, it’s through sculpting that Yu finds the most profound means to articulate her creativity.

Video source: TinaYuArtist (Youtube)

The sensation ignited when Tina Yu, under her YouTube channel @TinaYuArtist, uploaded a video showcasing her meticulous process of sculpting the infamous doll from the gripping Netflix series “Squid Game.” The video swiftly garnered millions of views and amassed a staggering 489K likes, a testament to the allure of her craftsmanship and the widespread adoration for the show. What captivated audiences worldwide was not just the final product—a stunningly accurate replica of the haunting “Squid Game” doll—but the intricate details of Yu’s creative process. The video provided an intimate glimpse into her artistic genius, showcasing her expertise in sculpting techniques and attention to detail.

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