Kyle Marr gears up for college lacrosse

Kyle Marr is shown in this recent photo. (Michael Kelly/Gazette Reporter)Kyle Marr is shown in this recent photo. (Michael Kelly/Gazette Reporter)

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CLIFTON PARK — The latest all-star lacrosse game for Kyle Marr, a 2014 Shenendehowa graduate, took him to Johnny Unitas Stadium on the campus of Towson University in Towson, Md.

The game Marr played in — the Senior All-America Game — was part of the Under Armour All-America Lacrosse Classic, which ran from July 3-5. Besides Marr’s game, there was a tournament for underclassmen and a variety of other showcase games. Also competing during the three-day Lacrosse Classic from Shenendehowa were Emily DiNallo and Courtney Guiry, who played in the July 4 Uncommitted Games and the July 3-5 Underclass Lacrosse Tournament, respectively.

For Marr, 19, the game took place not too far from where he will play next spring with Johns Hopkins University, the same school his father, Scott Marr — head coach for the University at Albany men’s lacrosse team — played for in his college days.

Shen's Kyle Marr (24) turns around Ballston Spa's goal during a sectional lacrosse game at Ballston Spa on Friday, May 23, 2014. (PATRICK DODSON/GAZETTE PHOTOGRAPHER)

Shen’s Kyle Marr (24) turns around Ballston Spa’s goal during a sectional lacrosse game at Ballston Spa on Friday, May 23, 2014. (PATRICK DODSON/GAZETTE PHOTOGRAPHER)

Kyle Marr will be a freshman next spring, as he used this past school year to attend and play for The Hill Academy, a preparatory school in Ontario, Canada. There, he built on a skillset he displayed during a spectacular career for Shenendehowa.

“It was a great year for me to get developed as a better player with less stress on getting recruited,” Marr said. “Up there, I was working out every day and getting ready, which was great. I really enjoyed it and I know I got a lot better.”

While The Hill Academy played against schools mostly based in the United States and traveled for all of its games except one during the 2015 season, Marr got a taste of what it was like to live in a different country and away from home.

That experience, he said, will help him when he becomes a college freshman in another new place.

“It was a little bit different, but a lot of things were the same after a while,” said Marr, who was one of a handful of Americans on his team. “You notice little differences, but people are people everywhere. I met a lot of great people there and I couldn’t have had a better time.”

Your Clifton Park & Halfmoon caught up with Marr before he played in the July 3 Under Armour showcase:

Q: What’s the environment like around the Under Armour game?

A: They put together a nice weekend for everybody. You go down on [July 1], there’s a dinner both nights before the game, and you get to meet everybody you play with, which is cool.

Q: How did you end up playing a year at a prep school?

A: When I was in 10th grade, I really started looking at schools and prep school presented itself as an option. A guy that had played for my dad, Merrick Thomson — he’s a great guy, and he’s our coach at The Hill Academy — would try to get me to come there. It was something I always wanted to do, so when the option became available for me … I did it.

Q: You’re about to be one of a growing number of Section II-based athletes playing high-level NCAA lacrosse. Is it exciting to see other players from here having success?

A: This area is growing a lot for lacrosse, you’re seeing a lot of our guys do well now. Luke Goldstock had a great year at UNC from Niskayuna, Brian Rogers from [Shenendehowa] had a great year at Le Moyne, Tyler Olney from [Shenendehowa] has been at Tufts for two years and has two national titles. It’s great to see all that for the area.

Q: You’ve had family members attend Johns Hopkins. Was there ever an doubt for you where you’d end up playing your college lacrosse?

A: That was definitely always the one, but I did get the chance to visit a few others. I went on visits to Penn and Michigan, so I got to see different sides of the spectrum, and got a feel for what other schools were like. But, when it came down to it, there was always one school for me and that was Hopkins.

Q: Any idea what you’d like to study at Johns Hopkins?

A: Possibly economics, or something in that realm, something math-related. I don’t really know yet — I like lacrosse (laughs). I’ll figure it out. I’ll take some classes and make a decision from there.

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