Saratoga County real estate sales

Here are the real estate sales for Saratoga County from Oct. 3 2016 to Oct. 15, 2016:

Troy Lichten and Katherine Lichten bought 175 Middleline Road from Daniel Hull, Trustee for $245,800 on Oct. 4, 2016.
Christopher Altieri and Brittany Altieri bought 272 Scotch Bush Road from John Grassman and Gretchen Grassman for $438,000 on Oct. 4, 2016.
Helen Underwood bought 97 West High St. from Lawrence Mullins Jr. and Anne Mullins for $145,000 on Oct. 5, 2016.
Jui-Shuan Feng bought 24 Chapel Hill Blvd. from Turgut Sahin and Hatice Sahin for $335,000 on Oct. 6, 2016.
John Wells and Nicole Wells bought 577 Randall Road from Donald Rogers Jr. and Karen Rogers for $279,900 on Oct. 7, 2016.
Stephen Krampert and Ryan Krampert bought 370 Goode St. from Joseph Lazare and Lynne Guidos-Lazare for $682,500 on Oct. 7, 2016.
Louis Schlecker and Katie McHenry bought 417 Hop City Road from James Finkle and Cynthia Finkle for $190,000 on Oct. 12, 2016.
Brad LaFountain bought 166 Church Ave. from Andrew Hagner and Kerry Hagner for $192,000 on Oct. 13, 2016.
Daniel Hollenbeck and Michelle Montanye bought 323 Moonlight Drive from Julia Brosnihan for $200,000 on Oct. 14, 2016.
Peter Suzuki and Erin Slater-Suzuki bought 5 Harvester Way from Legacy Custom Homes LLC for $381,514 on Oct. 14, 2016.
Jeffrey Kibler and Kodi Kibler bought 117 Hop City Road from Albert Piraino and Danielle Piraino for $450,000 on Oct. 14, 2016.
Linhart McMullin and Kathleen McMullin bought 80 Beacon St. from Traditional Builders LTD for $247,205 on Oct. 14, 2016.
Kevin Sheehan and Mary Sheehan bought 22 Stonebridge Drive from Edward Peck for $318,000 on Oct. 14, 2016.
Joseph Miceli and Rebecca Miceli bought 27 Knottingley Place from Joseph Carbone Jr. and Jennifer Carbone for $329,900 on Oct. 14, 2016.
Patrick Capasso and Jennifer Snyder bought 105 Newman Road from Joseph Davis for $296,000 on Oct. 7, 2016.
Patrick Verret and Misty Verret bought 11 Western Ave. from Christopher Cole and Jennifer Cole for $203,700 on Oct. 11, 2016.
Clifton Park
Yaohang Wang bought 6 Redfield Park from Liang Li and Zhen Tao for $353,000 on Oct. 3, 2016.
James Caligiuri and Suzanne Caligiuri bought 6 Valdepenas Lane from William Adams for $285,000 on Oct. 3, 2016.
Sean Knapp and Daniele Knapp bought 7 Hemlock Drive from Miriam Cooperman for $285,000 on Oct 2, 2016.
Christopher Ryan and Tracy Ryan bought 11 Emerald Terrace from SBDT Ventures LLC for $784,649 on Oct. 3, 2016.
Adam Tegnander and Lauren Tegnander bought 5 Weston Drive from Adam Dolan for $248,000 on Oct. 4, 2016.
John Ronan and Robin Bertram bought 5 Pebble Beach Drive from Brendan Nielsen and Kristen Nielsen for $318,000 on Oct. 4, 2016.
Andrew Brassard bought 38 Barney Road from Robert Kibling and Trudy Kibling for $332,000 on Oct. 4, 2016.
Sean Bicknell and Erika Erano bought 4 New Hampshire Court from Paul Michaels and Rachel Michaels for $290,000 on Oct. 4, 2016.
Krzysztof Lesnicki bought 12 Bear Brook Court from Roger Quinby and Sue Quinby for $385,000 on Oct. 5, 2016.
Michael Hannah bought 16 Woodside Drive from John J. Cummings, John S. Cummings, and Norma Cummings for $175,000 on Oct. 5, 2016.
William Adam II and Gail Harney-Adam bought 7 Winding Ridge Court from Joanne Smith, Executrix for $240,000 on Oct. 6, 2016.
John Valitutto bought 2 Grant Hill Road from Rosa Oppedisano for $242,500 on Oct 6, 2016.
Simon Jones bought 14 Archer Drive from Elizabeth Lopatniuk for $307,500 on Oct. 7, 2016.
Thomas Berlin, Joseph Berlin, and Jane Berlin bought 6 Woodridge Court from Harold Jewett Jr. and Barbara Jewett for $255,000 on Oct. 7, 2016.
Annette Ellis bought 4 Wall St., Unit 208,  from Rae Delella for $296,000 on Oct. 11, 2016.
Setrack Abdo bought 7 Granada Drive from Michael Parker for $230,620 on 10/11/16.
Krystal Pai bought 8 Cobble Court from Steven Kennedy and Kerri Kennedy for $165,000 on 10/11/16.
Shen Wang and Kai Zhou bought 10 Blue Jay Way from Steven Willcoxon Jr. and Tara Willcoxon for $313,000 on 10/11/16.
Kenneth Dupre bought 54 Grissom Drive from Guy Dupre for $60,000 on 10/11/16.
Tod Parent and Heather Parent bought 28 Northcrest Drive from Leo Purvis for $268,000 on 10/12/16.
Matthew Jeff and Stacy Jeff bought 15 South Nottingham Way from Phyllis McDonald for $269,900 on 10/12/16.
Barry Bedaw Jr. and Doreen Bedaw bought 39 Garnsey Road from Pasquale Petraccione for $464,500 on 10/12/16.
Drew Armitage and Karen Armitage bought 43 Greensboro Blvd., Unit B, from Harry Ordemann for $112,000 on 10/12/16.
Gregory Laniewski and Lynn Laniewski bought 146 Tallow Wood Drive from Toni Ashbury and Liza Perry for $144,000 on 10/13/16.
Samuel Awa and Colleen Awa bought 5102 Forest Pointe Drive from Luca DelNegro for $194,000 on 10/13/16.
Aman Joshi and Jyoti Joshi bought 21 Saddle Creek Circle from Bridlewood Ridge for $1,031,949 on 10/14/16.
Gerald Hunt and Nancy Hunt bought 14 Lace Lane from Joseph Miceli for $252,200 on 10/14/16.
Todd Stannard and Amy Christopher bought 11 McGregor Court from Paul Barry and Susan Barry for $287,500 on 10/14/16.
Amber Gailor bought 731 Route 146A from Thomas Gailor for $200,000 on 10/14/16.
David Corson and Amanda Corson bought 18 Chapman St. from Matthew Sorbero and Jennifer Moriale for $243,500 on 10/03/16.
Michael Palma and Susan Palma bought 338 Main St. from Bank of America for $100,000 on 10/13/16.
Zachery Petteys bought 4908 Route 9N from James Anderson and Brenda Anderson for $80,000 on 10/14/16.
Thomas Chico and Maureen Chico bought 3421 South Shore Road from Walter Chico, David Chico, and Mary Chico for
$249,333 on 10/11/16.
Michael Hladik and Susan Hladik bought 3130 South Shore Road from Karen Morgan for $155,000 on 10/13/16.
Robert Benson bought 8 Wessels Lane from Paul Eisman and Christy Eisman for $237,500 on 10/05/16.
Carmelo Nicolosi and Bonita Nicolosi bought 1038 South Shore Road from Kaleigh O’Hanlon for $280,000 on 10/07/16.
Thomas Bourke and Ann Bourke bought 568 South Shore Road from Josephine Boyle for $175,000 on 10/14/16.
Francis Rosania bought 5038 Jersey Hill Road from Leonard Greski and Barbara Greski for $134,020 on 10/04/16.
Bradley Coody bought 5629 Lake Road from Amber Mathias for $252,000 on 10/11/16.
Suzanne Edwards bought 884 NYS Route 29 from Theresa Nowicki for $164,500 on 10/11/16.
John Conlon and Cecelia Conlon bought 32 Cohen Road from Bruce Fisher and Laura Fisher for $235,000 on 10/04/16.
James VanVranken and Kathleen VanVranken bought 8 Park Ave. from Clifford Edgerly for $70,000 on 10/04/16.
David Bangert and Jane Bangert bought 485 Greene Road from Edward Esposito and Mary Esposito for $139,300 on 10/05/16.
David Jensen and Jennifer Jensen bought 32 Forest Road from Carol Kautzman and Deborah Reynolds for $150,000 on 10/05/16.
Anthony Vertucci and Rebecca Vertucci bought 50 King Road from John Valentine and Lisa Valentine for $435,000 on 10/06/16.
DJDBC Inc. bought 474 and 476 Maple Ave. from Anthony Malatino, Trustee for $550,000 on 10/11/16.
Karen Deeter and Dixie Baldrey bought 36 Pepper Lane from Charles Bardino III for $303,000 on 10/12/16.
Larry Coddington bought 899 Stony Creek Road from James Dougherty and June Dougherty, Trustees for $195,000 on 10/04/16.
Sandra Plummer bought 23 Third Ave. from Gwendolyn Baker for $143,000 on 10/13/16.
David Guiliano and Kelly Guiliano bought 298 Timothy’s Way from Lisa Alaxanian for $310,000 on 10/04/16.
Luba Grasso bought 10 Stage Run from Daniel Paradise and Donna Paradise for $285,000 on 10/04/16.
Mahadevan Balasubramaniam and Gayathri Gopalan bought 12 Summit Trail from Cartus Financial Co. for $470,000 on 10/04/16.
William Woods Jr. and Kathryn Woods bought 5 Raymond Lane from Margaret Owen for $242,500 on 10/05/16.
John Miller and Joyce Miller bought 20 Whitney Drive from William Adam II and Gail Harney-Adam for $375,000 on 10/05/16.
Colby Costello and Erica Costello bought 33 Fairway Drive, Unit C,  from Diana Percio for $250,000 on 10/05/16.
Brian Willard and Jessica Rice bought 57 Plank Road from Eric West and David West Jr. for $280,000 on 10/06/16.
Ron Stamp and Judith Stamp bought 1 Inglewood Drive, Unit A,  from James Riddle and Nichol Ziegler for $320,000 on 10/07/16.
Nicholas Sestito and Emily Sestito bought 2 Dormie Ave. from LKM Properties LLC for $281,000 on 10/07/16.
Katrina LaBate bought 11 Washington Lane from Kristin Parker for $198,500 on 10/07/16.
Jeffrey Guzi and Dawn Mack bought 17 Minuteman Court from James Morris Jr. for $138,000 on 10/11/16.
Charles Newell and Diana Newell, Trustees bought 40 Kelly Lane from Anna’s Place of Halfmoon LLC for $240,588 on 10/11/16.
Ryan Lockwood and Nicholl Bautochka bought 101 Button Road from Daren Crawford for $297,938 on 10/11/16.
Priyesh Singh bought 3 Vista Court from National Residential Nominee Services for $515,000 on 10/13/16.
Vamsi Paruchuri and Sree Uppalapati bought 4 Mallard Place from Barbera Homes and Development Inc. for $490,300 on 10/13/16.
Stetson Hill and Shannon Hill bought 27 Maiden Circle from John Luke Development Co. LLC for $406,577 on 10/07/16.
Robert Winney and Shari Keegan bought 19 Maiden Circle from John Luke Development Co. LLC for $371,696 on 10/07/16.
Zachary TenEyck bought 27 Lake Ridge Drive from Danielle Estep for $529,000 on 10/07/16.
Edward Brewer and Aida Brewer bought 58 Lakeshore Drive from Stephen Foley, Trustee for $425,000 on 10/07/16.
David Womer and Dana Womer bought 18 Coronado Way from Adam Tegnander and Lauren Tegnander for $394,000 on 10/07/16.
Scott Hayden and Cristina Hayden bought 7 Fenlon Lane from John Luke Development Co. LLC for $343,524 on 10/07/16.
Michael Yakimov and Ludmila Popova bought 12 Beverly Place from Mark Hayes for $255,000 on 10/11/16.
Scott Ringwood and Joell Ringwood bought 64 Snowberry Road from Charleen Lamore for $175,000 on 10/11/16.
David McDaniel and Laura McDaniel bought 23 Burlington Ave. from Edward Rich for $156,000 on 10/13/16.
Arnaud Bosquest and Andrea Vieira bought 5 Suntree Park from Paul Clairmont and Janet Clairmont for $316,250 on 10/14/16.
Christopher Ammon and Christine Ammon bought 128 Manning Road from Bella Home Builders Inc. for $638,647 on 10/14/16.
Paul Kilcourse and Tara Kilcourse bought 29 Maple St. from David Connors and Kristen Connors for $250,000 on 10/07/16.
David Branch and Linda Branch bought 22 Center St. from Jonathan Doyle and Rae Doyle for $146,900 on 10/05/16.
Paul Welch bought 390 LeRoux Road from Richard Hoag and Lucille Hoag for $130,000 on 10/05/16.
Kevin Ng and Rebecca Ng bought 3316 Shaw Hill Road from Lloyd Molnar and Marcy Molnar for $232,000 on 10/06/16.
Patrick Martin Jr. and Cheryl Martin bought 962 MacArthur Drive from Carl Nicolosi and Bonnie Nicolosi for $390,000 on 10/06/16.
Frens Ypma bought 5040 Fairground Ave. from Sergei Aizin for $240,000 on 10/07/16.
Roger Goodhue Jr. and Kelly Goodhue bought 2134 Doubleday Ave. from Roger Goodhue for $675,000 on 10/14/16.
Amy Howard bought 838 Ediface Way from Lisa Spofford for $265,000 on 10/11/16.
DeGraff-Bloom Custom Builders Inc. bought 860 Salem Drive from MJGD LLC for $80,000 on 10/12/16.
Jennifer Roe bought 3 Linden Lane from University and Green LLC for $220,895 on 10/13/16.
Dillon Murphy bought 3878 Lewis Road from David Pettit and Debra Pettit for $185,000 on 10/13/16.
Dillon Murphy bought 312 Rowland St. from Marta Castillo for $180,000 on 10/14/16.
Roger Goodhue Jr. and Kelly Goodhue bought 2134 Doubleday Ave. from Roger Goodhue for $675,000 on 10/14/16.
Matthew Connor and Andrea Connor bought 10 Fuller Road from Lisa Bartlett for $299,900 on 10/03/16.
Mark Tracy and Noelle Tracy bought 195 Redmond Road from Louis Lancella for $195,000 on 10/03/16.
Anthony Tomasovic bought 449 Gansevoort Road from Nationstar Mortgage LLC for $116,576 on 10/04/16.
Daniel Sharp bought 15 Pheasant Way from Marissa DeFoe for $278,000 on 10/06/16.
Dylan VanTassel and Samantha Hansen bought 2 Castle Road from Nevin Gillmor and Kathleen Gillmor, Trustees for $169,900 on 10/06/16.
Bruce Livingston bought 21 Terry Drive from Alma Chmielewski for $158,800 on 10/06/16.
Dirck James and Whitney James bought 48 Jackson Ave. from Amanda Montello for $167,000 on 10/11/16.
Gary Ostrander and Barbara Ostrander bought 10 Hawthorne Drive from Michael Usher, Trustee for $240,000 on 10/11/16.
James Greenwood  bought Parcel on Redmond Road from Excess Land LLC for $235,000 on 10/11/16.
Luke Gallipo and Alyssa Gallipo bought 355 Mott Road from Valerie Redhead, Trustee for $238,187 on 10/13/16.
Kellogg Humphreys II bought 216 Route 4N, Unit A,  from Judith Millman for $160,000 on 10/11/16.
Elias Rogers and Stephanie Rafferty bought 105 Schuyler Heights Drive from Eliot Williams and Melody Williams for $255,000 on 10/12/16.
Sara Baker bought 14 Castlewood Drive from Sean Tierney and Katrina Tierney for $205,000 on 10/13/16.
Christopher Munro and Cindy Munro bought 7124 Antioch Road from Tiffany Southard for $179,500 on 10/04/16.
Thomas Scolaro and Sharon Scolaro bought 147 Lake Nancy Road from Melissa Dunkerley, Administratrix for $64,000 on 10/11/16.
Kyle Weis and Vanessa Weis bought 97 Gates Ave. from Thomas Macica for $151,000 on 10/04/16.
Patrick Lynch and Cheryl Lynch bought 1 Ashleigh Lane from Saratoga Builders LLC for $478,940 on 10/05/16.
Joseph Lawlor and Shanna Lawlor bought 302 Hayes Road from David Favro for $247,000 on 10/14/16.
Robert Lakritz bought 1348 Route 9P from David Proper and Mary Proper for $320,000 on 10/14/16.
Saratoga Springs
Tammy Reyna bought 29 Underwood Drive from John Nelson and Onalee Nelson for $380,000 on 10/04/16.
Kathryn Walsh and Adrianna Gaeta bought 25 Warren St. from Deborah Reed for $340,000 on 10/04/16.
Timothy Nicholson and Denise Evert bought 27 Whitestone Road from Brian Cumming and Jacqualine Cumming for $690,000 on 10/04/16.
Brad Gallagher and Keather Papa bought 4 Taylor St. from Nicholas Cerza and Kristina Cerza for $600,000 on 10/04/16.
Thomas Hyland and Christa Hyland bought 31 Vista Drive from Daniel Austin and Jennifer Austin for $625,000 on 10/04/16.
Bonacio Construction Inc. bought 32 Joseph St. from Joseph Street LLC for $194,250 on 10/04/16.
Jared Bender and Hannah Bender bought 357 Grand Ave. from Bailey Isaacs  for $200,100 on 10/04/16.
Tyler Best and Nicole Harris bought 34 East Fenlon St. from Brian Backhaus and Nancy Backhaus for $180,250 on 10/05/16.
Mary Diehl bought 201 Washington St. from Michael McClosky and Rita McClosky for $269,000 on 10/05/16.
Peter Scannell and Emily Miller bought 8 Doggett’s Coat Place from Michael Morrissey and Christine Morrissey for $521,000 on 10/06/16.
Joseph Carbonaro and Susan Miller bought 18 Saratoga Circle from Wilmar LLC for $329,000 on 10/06/16.
Jason Diiulio bought 122 North St. from SIRVA Relocation LLC for $410,300 on 10/06/16.
Todd Smith and Laura Smith bought 7 Beacon Hill Drive from Brian Cuneo and Julie Cuneo for $1,675,000 on 10/07/16.
Jonathan Kirchherr and Jennifer Kirchherr bought 205 Grand Ave. from Eliyahu Birka for $466,000 on 10/07/16.
Howard Glantz and Patrica Velasco bought 87 Old Schuylerville Road from Jerry Patterson and Shirley Patterson for $210,000 on 10/07/16.
Daniel Lanchantin bought 316 Ballston Ave., Unit E,  from 316 Ballston Avenue LLC for $265,000 on 10/11/16.
Donna Cox-Davies bought 2 Crommelin Drive from Dennis DeJonghe and Margaret DeJonghe for $354,000 on 10/11/16.
Kieran McMahon and Katherine McMahon bought 20 Briarwood Drive from Thomas DeMarco and Julie DeMarco for $239,900 on 10/11/16.
Joseph Ryan and Whitney Ryan bought 216 Church St. from Michael Fenton and Diana Fenton for $525,000 on 10/11/16.
Nico Autero and Anna Autero bought 21 Deerleap Place from Christopher Bristol for $182,500 on 10/13/16.
Michael Rosenberg and Christina Giammusso bought 25 Pamela Lane from Blitman Saratoga LLC for $407,675 on
Michael Napoli and Valerie Napoli bought 28 Granite St. from Martina Zobel for $399,000 on 10/14/16.
Benjamin Groshek and Caitlin Groshek bought 25 Orenda Spring Drive from James McElroy for $217,000 on 10/14/16.
Julian Stallard bought 94 North St., Unit A,  from Katelyn Dorey, Executrix for $165,000 on 10/14/16.
Mark Eggers and Kathy Eggers bought 592 County Route 76 from Roger Lefco and Donna Lefco for $190,000 on 10/04/16.
Scott Janssen and Alicia Stewart bought 24 Lakepointe Way from Mason Street LLC for $353,732 on 10/04/16.
Steven Walker and Lekesha Walker bought 18 Artillery Approach from Dave Adams Builders LLC for $299,900 on 10/04/16.
Paula Wormuth and Amy MacDonald bought Parcel on Keel Lane from Joseph Riley Sr. for $182,000 on 10/04/16.
Mark Calicchia and Erin Calicchia bought 20 VanNess Road from Carl Calicchia Jr. and Karen Murphy, Trustees for $193,500 on 10/07/16.
Jeffery Bagnoli bought 24 Cannon Court from David Saunders and April Saunders for $199,000 on 10/07/16.
Tamara Pal bought 85 Jack Halloran Road from Michael Vopelak and Antionietta Bannon for $126,000 on 10/14/16.
Michael Wizner and Patricia Wizner bought 396 County Route 75 from Signature Home Buyers for $135,000 on 10/14/16.
Jessie Albert bought 28 Yunch Road from Peter Buck for $1,100,000 on 10/14/16.
Ceth Morocco and Kelli Morocco bought 10 High St. from David Whalen and Nancy Crawford, Trustees for $130,500 on 10/14/16.
June Cappabianca  bought 13 Jay St. from Kim Conor for $116,000 on 10/03/16.
Benjamin Gibson and Aimee Donah bought 2 Knox St. from Linda Miller for $167,357 on 10/04/16.
Guytri Kissoon and Tulsie Kissoon bought 18 Charles St. from Carlos Osorio and Jennifer Osorio for $174,000 on 10/06/16.
Lisa Patentreger bought 9 Harvest Way from Timothy Neenan and Pamela Cocca-Neenan for $220,000 on 10/13/16.
Caroline Moran bought 8 Ninth St. from Jessica Simpson for $145,000 on 10/13/16.
Sean Leahy and Katie Leahy bought 55 Sheffield Road from Albert Rios and Donna Rios for $352,000 on 10/03/16.
James Finn bought 65 Rolling Hills Drive from Vincent Morris and Angela Morris for $255,000 on 10/04/16.
Karen Tomasovic bought 724 Route 9 from Federal National Mortgage Association for $156,000 on 10/04/16.
Edward O’Brien bought 320 Northern Pines Road from Michael Gorman for $247,500 on 10/05/16.
Kathleen Wright bought 6 White Plain Lane from Matthew Chauvin and Sean Chauvin, Executors for $242,500 on 10/14/16.